Throwback: Jane Child-Don’t Wanna Fall In Love



Jane Child is a Canadian musician and producer who struck a deal with Warner Brothers in 1988. She is the product of two classically trained musician parents who forbid their daughter from listening to rock ‘n’ roll. Her defiant introduction into dance pop, healthfully sustained by her bounty of synthesizers, reached its zenith with “Don’t Wanna Fall In Love” from her first album. A Teddy Riley remix of the song still pervades the permanent tracklist at most clubs leaving all other musical memories of Child behind. Her relationship with New Jack Swing would be more direct on the follow-up album Here, Not There that smashed Riley’s child and rock sensibilities together. “Do Whatcha Do” was the missed single that could have extended her pulse in popular memory but “Here Not There” was the label’s choice for the single. By the mid ’90’s Child was no longer with Warners and released the independent album Surge in 2002. Criticisms of having an anachronistic sound is blamed for the commercial failure of Surge but the legacy of Roger Troutman via T-Pain and others destroy that argument. Child’s decision not to tour and promote the CD is a more accurate assessment of her invisibility. A proposed CD for 2007 was not released but you can keep up with Child on Twitter.