Throwback: Lil Louis-French Kiss



Lil’ Louis’ “French Kiss” was a defining moment in house music when it arrived in 1989. The Chicago DJ/producer made a song that seemed to transfer its ecstasy onto every dancefloor resident who heard it. Unlike most underground dance music “French Kiss” scored a number one spot on the US club chart and number two status on its European counterpart. Louis would be one of a handful of house producers to produce a couple of good full-length albums and the only one to get a deal with a major label. From The Mind Of Lil Louis offered “French Kiss,” the psychotic “I Called U,” and the holocaust type warning of “Blackout.” In 1992 he would make another collection, Lil’ Louis & the World – Journey with the Lonely which failed on the bean-counter front but made the critics happy. “Club Lonely” with Joi Cardwell was the centerpiece single that also entered classic status shortly before “Saved My Life.” In the ’90’s Louis would collaborate with Masters At Work on the Black Magic single “Freedom (Make It Funky.”) He set-up a studio in New York where he makes his home now and has done production work with the likes of Babyface and Meshell Ndegeocello. In 2005 Louis released the book A Man’s Diary which has a CD soundtrack and stage play adaptation. Louis is the son of Bobby Sims, a guitarist who recorded with Rotary Connection.