The Niceguys Prepare Release Of Debut LP, The Show + MP3


(August 12, 2010 – Brooklyn, NY) The Niceguys, a four-man Houston-based hip-hop group with southern roots and musical sensibilities that stretch far beyond the city’s limits, are excited to announce the release of their debut full-length, The Show. The album, being offered both as a free download and through digital retailers, will be available September 28, 2010 via 265 Pro/The Pi Group.

Following the late-2009 release of the group’s much buzzed about EP, The Green Room, The Show is no exception to the group’s commitment towards developing their own proprietary sound. A fully comprehensive package, The Niceguys comprised of one MC, Easy Yves Saint, two producers, Free and Cristolph, and one DJ, DJ Candlestick, helm the creation of their songs and projects from start to finish. “As far as the creation process, it was great,” notes Free. “I think our group is a true testament to teamwork.”

The LP, initially designed to be a high octane collection of up-tempo songs went through a gradual transformation as it came to fruition. “As time progressed, The Show became more,” explains Free. “So many crazy things happened during the recording process; we had to transfer those emotions to song.” The Show chronicles the experiences of each member of the crew, serving as a metaphor for life rather than a project based solely on the concept of energy and flow. “Its a double entendre,” Yves says of the album’s title. “The Show as in we are entertainers and that’s what people expect and pay for, but also, it’s a metaphor for life; regardless of all the crap that goes on within the music and outside of the music, the show must go on.”

With braggadocio and mirth filled tracks like “Toast,” Yves Saint’s fervent lyrical content on “Cave,” and the adaptation of doo-wop style vocal harmonies and slick talk, sharp tongued rhymes in the album’s lead single “It’s Like That,” The Show is both a substantial progression from the sound heard on their previous work, The Green Room EP, and also an impressive move in the direction of instrumental experimentation. “Throughout the album you will hear triumphant and celebratory horns in moderation,” explains Yves. “As far as use of resources — the content, the different feel across tracks, the live instruments, and attention to detail; we’ve grown. Not only are we are applying it to one song but to a body of work to connect a collection of songs; big picture thought processes have impacted us the most.”

Check out the first leaked track from The Show, “Mr. Perfect.” A screaming Hammond B3 organ, dynamic shifts between verse and chorus, and a ripping guitar solo closing out the track are a few attributes that form the makings of The Show’s gritty street single. Listen to the track below and look out for the video, dropping next week.

Download “Mr. Perfect” here:

Also, check out The Niceguys’ brand new website,, for all news, music, and media from the Houston foursome, including their recently launched Nice Look t-shirt line, seen recently on model Maliah Michel.