Soul Singer Goapele & Award Winning South African Artist Hip Hop Pantsula Appear on first single from VICTORY


(Los Angeles, California – July 19, 2010) Rejuvenated by the election of Barack Obama, The World Cup arriving in South Africa and the success of African artists like K’Naan, Akon, Ayo, Nneka and Daara J, Goapele is exploring other avenues of creativity, the latest endeavor being a groundbreaking, multifaceted project entitled Victory, uniting African sounds with Americanized ingenuity. Leading with the title track: a multi-lingual affair recorded in English, Sitswana and Xhosa, the project will pair continent natives and artists from throughout the African Diaspora. Victory is a bold and innovative way to pay respect and showcase talented musicians including Lira, Jozi, ProVerb, Jean Grae, Whosane, UNI and Hip Hop Pantsula while drawing attention to the need for education and resources to combat its society’s most crucial dilemmas.
Ever prideful of her South African heritage and keen on how volatile perception can be in a world of globalized media, Goapele says, “Collaborating with other African Artists, was just a matter of time, and the stars aligned. I experienced a sense of victory, being at the inauguration of a president that I voted for and believed in. Although there’s many things that still need to follow to make real positive changes, it’s still a victory. The World Cup happening in South Africa gives me a sense of victory, because the entire world finally looked to my father’s country in a positive light. There’s so much negative media that has plagued Africa, I’m thankful to finally see this continent get acknowledged by the world. People flew in from everywhere to experience and celebrate the World Cup and it was magical to hear the vuvuzelas mesmerizing and exciting the world.”

Victory will also encompass philanthropy, political and social activism, and a wide array of other auxiliary forms of creative expression from the African Diaspora. Proceeds from the project will go to ANSA (Artists for a New South Africa) a non-profit organization working to combat HIV/AIDS, assist children orphaned by the disease, advance human and civil right, educate and empower youth and build bonds between the U.S. and South Africa through Arts & Culture. Far from eschewing her activist beginnings, Goapele is expanding on them, using the powerful perspective granted to her by a multicultural heritage while she moves the crowd with a passion that’s as personally motivated, as it is political.

Goapele aims to fuse the seemingly disparate cultural and creative aspects of the African Diaspora through various mediums of expression with the goal of furthering dialogue amongst its kindred denizens. “With Africans, African-Americans, and others throughout the African Diaspora, this is about our connection to each other thru music.”

About Hip Hop Pantsula:
Award winning South African hip hop sensation Jabulani Tsambo who goes by the pseudonym Hip Hop Pantsula (HHP) is arguably one of the most recognized MC’s in the motherland. He has recorded for over a decade, released seven critically acclaimed studio albums and received countless Wins and Nominations at the South African Music Awards, MTV Africa Awards, MTV Europe Awards, BET Awards, MOBO Awards and more. This overwhelming international public approval is a mark of how far this gifted artist has come from his rural Mmabatho days (far from Johannesburg) to carving out what is now an enviable solo career in the South African music scene.

HHP began collecting accolades early in his career when nominated for “Best Newcomer” at the South African Music Awards (SAMA) in 2000. He would later go on to be nominated for “Best Rapper” at SAMA 2002 & 2006, “Best Video” at SAMA 2007 as well as in 5 categories at the Channel O Awards 2007. He was nominated for “Best African Act” at MTV Europe Music Awards 2007, “Best Album” and “Record of the Year” at SAMA 2008, “Best African Act” at the Nigerian Hip Hop Awards 2008, “Best African Act” at the MOBO Awards 2008, and in three categories at the Channel O Awards in 2008. This past year he was nominated for “Best International Act” at the 2010 BET Awards alongside K’Naan, Corinne Bailey Rae, Sade and Estelle. His wins include “Best Male Solo Artist” and “Best Rap Album” at the South African Music Awards 2008 as well as “Best Music Video” for his song “Mpitse” at the MTV Africa Music Awards 2009.

In 2007 HHP released his sixth studio album Acceptance Speech featuring the hit single/video “Music & Lights” which included cameos from Danny K and R&B vocalist Amerie. The album also featured the poignant track “Darfur” with Khethi and Tumi, calling out the injustices and human rights issues in Western Sudan. This past year HHP released his most recent album to date Dumela, which included popular tracks like “Let The Beat Go,” “Respect” and “Keledimo” featuring hip hop artist Nas. HHP calls his style of music “Motswako,” translated to mean a ‘mixture’ in his native Tswana language.