Justin Bieber Comic Book From Bluewater Takes On The Phenomenon


Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber has it all: A booming musical career, a dedicated fan base, a smile that makes young girls swoon and an innocence that makes parents smile.

Now Bieber is set to become a comic book hero when Bluewater Productions taps his life story for its popular Fame series of biographical comics.

Fame: Justin Bieber is a traditional biography comic book and will hit comic book shops and online retailers in October. This 32-page issue will retail for $3.99.

Writer Tara Broeckel Ooten said that while researching the comic she became convinced that Bieber has what it takes to craft a long musical career.

“I’m reminded of the stories my mom tells about when she was young and Beatelmania invaded the United States. For me it was New Kids on the Block,” Broeckel Ooten said. “Now today’s teens and tweens go wild for Justin, and rightly so. He is a talented young musician. He has such an enormous global fan base. That and his talent will probably give him some real staying power in the industry.”

Claudio Avella is the artist on the book, and Broeckel Ooten said that he perfectly captured the feel of her story.

“He is an extraordinary talent,” Broeckel Ooten said of Avella. “His work has a real energy and life to it, a positive energy that works well for this book.”

Bieber certainly has a story worth telling. He’s a self-made star who used technology and social networking to promote himself and his music. He also happens to make music that’s undeniably infectious.

“I listened to Bieber’s music for the first time while working on this project, and I have to admit, it can really stick with you,” Broeckel Ooten said. “I would hear it played somewhere, usually in Target, and I’d start singing along. I respect the musicianship that Bieber brings to his projects.”

Bieber is far from the first celebrity to appear in Bluewater’s Fame series. He joins Lady Gaga and Twilight star Robert Pattinson, both of whose Fame issues sold out of their first runs, along with Tyler Lautner and soccer star David Beckham. Two new issues of Fame come out this month featuring Kristen Stewart and Taylor Swift.

Darren G. Davis, founder and president of Bluewater Productions, says that the biographical comics continually bring new readers to sequential storytelling. “This is a great medium for kids as well as adults. I had a hard time reading as a kid and comic books really improved my reading skills. One of the goals is trying to get kids away from the video games and reading more”

“With the Fame series, and our other biographical titles, we have succeeded in exposing comic books to readers who otherwise wouldn’t pick up, say, an issue of Spider-Man,” Davis said. “I’m certain that our Justin Bieber comic will do the same; he certainly has a devoted group of fans whom I’m sure will be thrilled to see their favorite performer immortalized in comic form.”

In addition to its Fame series, Bluewater publishes Female Force, which looks at successful women, and Political Power, which traces the history of the world’s most powerful politicians. Bluewater also publishes science-fiction, superhero, young adult and horror comics.

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