Black Milk Partners With Decon/Fat Beats For Album Of The Year

Black Milk, Detroit’s latest heir to a long musical legacy, has partnered with indie hip-hop purveyors Fat Beats and New York creative agency/record label Decon to release Album Of The Year. Expounding on his sample-based approach, the title serves as a double entendre; Album of The Year is his greatest professional achievement and is the immediate product of his experiences during the last 12 months. Taking into consideration the loss of several loved ones, it is easy to assume his music would reflect a certain emotional state. Though he addresses these personal difficulties, Milk interprets them as an opportunity to reflect on life’s virtues; Album Of The Year is celebratory and vibrant.

Black Milk’s last effort, 2008’s Tronic, was amongst the most celebrated of the late aughts, and he has only refined his approach since. The sonic nuances of Milk’s previous, sample-heavy albums are still in tact but Album Of The Year doesn’t stop there. Black Milk has employed bassist Tim Shellaberger, the versatile horn player and string arranger Sam Beaubien and drummer Daru Jones to help flesh out an album that is simultaneously classic and forward thinking.

Not satisfied with simply providing auditory landscapes for others, Milk laces each and every track with his own introspective lyrics. The only guest verses come from fellow Detroit heavy hitters Royce Da 5′ 9″, Danny Brown, and Elzhi of Slum Village. Vocalists such as Mr. Porter, AB, Melanie Rutherford, and Monica Blaire contribute harmoniously,but the spotlight is firmly affixed on Black Milk. Album Of The Year is his opus and we’re fortunate to watch a master at work.


“He combines clubby textures and warm EQing in a way that begs for headphone listening even at its hardest knock.” – PITCHFORK

“Album of The Year promises to push the envelope” – SPINNER

“How dare you not like anything about this record. Black Milk’s Album Of The Year drops September 14th. Bold title.” – RAP RADAR



1. 365
2. Welcome (Gotta Go)
3. Keep Going
4. Oh Girl feat. AB
5. Deadly Medley feat. Royce Da 5′ 9″ and Elzhi
6. Distortion feat. Melanie Rutherford
7. Over Again feat. Monica Blaire
8. Black and Brown feat. Danny Brown
9. Round of Applause
10. Warning (Keep Bouncing)
11. Gospel Psychedelic Rock
12. Closed Chapter feat. Mr. Porter