Musical Force Joel Gaines Stirs Up Emotions with New CD Release


Los Angeles -Singer/ songwriter/ master keyboard artist, Joel Gaines has dipped his musical ladle deep into an enchanting kettle of melody and is stirring up our emotions with the torrid release of his new CD, “Just The Way I’m Feeling,” on JG Music Group. A tantalizing gumbo of adult contemporary, jazz and swaying gospel even, “Just The Way I’m Feeling” is a joyous celebration of sound!

An internationally renowned musician and performer, Gaines captures the fiery passion he displays while entertaining live on stage and re-releases it on this 10 track CD release. Reflective lyrics, rhythmic refrains and hypnotic rifts all coalesce to create a melodious sanctuary of harmonies tempered with grace on the new release.

This sophomoric effort has been long anticipated following his debut release, “I Wonder Could It Be You,” as Gaines has been wowing music lovers around the world with his onstage stylings, backing veteran legends like Gladys Knight, Chaka Khan, Donna Summer, the Winans, Ronnie Laws and most recently, the Jazz Crusaders.
“Just The Way I’m Feeling,” is tempered with beautiful, smooth vocals and lingering melodies to keep you hitting the repeat button. Original compositions such as his “I Am Waiting,” and “Sunday” stay with you long after the music has played, while “Where Do We Go From Here” and the title track “Just The Way I’m Feeling” evoke sentiments from deep within. “Take A Ride” kicks up the pace with a rockin’ tempo and his cover of “Amazing Grace simmers with intensity. With an intention to leave an indelible imprint on the hearts and ears of music connoisseurs of all genres, Gaines’ recipe for fusing pop, jazz, soul and gospel proves to be a classic combination.

Following in the footsteps of his musical heroes Al Jarreau, Michael McDonald and Herbie Hancock, Gaines is enthusiastic about igniting his audience with his compositions. “Music is a love generator,” expresses Joel. “I love performing on stage but recording a project takes that whirlwind experience to a new dimension. The music becomes more than just a fleeting experience; it has the opportunity to transform itself as the backdrop to real life. Music is one of the most creative expressions of love on the planet and I am simply honored to be gifted the opportunity to spread as much love as I can.”

“Just The Way I’m Feeling” will elevate and infuse just the way you feel. Joel Gaines’ wonderful capacity to absorb our heart space with his musical passages is a sumptuous treat. “Just The Way I’m Feeling” is currently available for purchase at, iTunes, and CD Baby and on Gaines’ own

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