Hair Expert, Toni Love, Re-releases Her Classic Book, “The World of Wigs, Weaves & Extensions”


Atlanta, GA – Hair trailblazer Toni Love, an internationally recognized hair loss and weave expert, is celebrating the 10th year anniversary of her classic book “The World of Wigs, Weaves and Extensions” (Milady Publishing) with a re-release. With hair weaves having evolved into an increasingly popular style, now unabashedly worn by some of today’s hottest celebrities including Wendy Williams, Tyra Banks and Kate Gosselin, the book has emerged more relevant today than it was when it was originally published in 2001. “The World of Wigs, Weaves and Extensions” uncovers the secrets to top-notch hair and wig care.

Hairpieces and wigs are a trend that has gained worldwide acceptance while revolutionizing the hair care industry. According to Love, “Wigs and hairpieces are more accepted now than they were in the past not only because they are convenient, but because celebrities set the trend for the general market. Since stars are now openly wearing various wigs, extensions and hair pieces it sends a strong message of desirablility to a larger audience.”

Born out of her passion to educate and empower the masses, “The World of Wigs, Weaves and Extensions,” serves as a highly acclaimed, definitive guide to all things hair. The book serves as a practical tool designed for men and women of all nationalities who desire healthy, natural-looking hair.

As a one-of a-kind, reader-friendly publication that covers various hairstyle choices and essential hair care tips for growing and managing natural hair, the book is jammed-packed with eye-catching photos and sketches that show the benefits and versatility of hairpieces. The enlightening page-turner is a must-read for people who want to upgrade their overall appearance and confidence.

According to Love, “This book is great for men and women and I hope that readers will find the book educational. My intent was for readers to attain knowledge for taking care of their natural hair while wearing commercial hair.”

A true visionary and business-minded trendsetter, the leading diva of cosmetology has over 25 years in the hair industry. Her work has appeared in major publications such as Essence, Black Hair, Sister 2 Sister, Salon Sense, and Upscale magazine.

Love has an extensive background in Business Management and obtained her master’s degree in Continuing Education. She holds instructor’s licenses in Cosmetology and Barbering. Adding to her extensive list of accomplishments, Love is also a Certified Instructor and an accomplished, twice-published author. Her other popular manual, “Tips to Passing the Cosmetology State Board,” continues to receive rave reviews.

A graduate of the Hair Design Academy, Love has taught a variety of students in both private and public institutions. She is also the founder of Toni Love’s Cosmetology Continuing Education Center, a thriving oasis for professional cosmetologists who are passionate about learning the latest techniques in hair maintenance and hair styles.

In addition to providing advanced hair loss and weave training classes, Love has produced three top-selling DVDs: “Keeping Cutting Simple,” “Interlocking Hair Extensions: No Braids! No Glue!,” and “Hair Replacement: Covering Bald Areas,” specifically designed for any cosmetology student who wants to be at the top of their game.

A prominent educator and business mogul, Love is a frequent and highly sought after guest speaker at seminars, cosmetology schools and conventions. Her upcoming event, The Hair Loss and Business Conference, is scheduled for October 10th – 11th, 2010 in Altlanta and is designed for anyone who wants comprehensive information on hair loss prevention.

The World of Wigs, Weaves & Extension (ISBN: 978- 1562538446) is available for purchase at Barnes and Noble, Books -A-Million, Borders, and

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