Media Questions Of The Week


1. Is Drake’s album deserving of all the hype? Will he sell more in his first week than Eminem?

2. Did Martin Bashir shame Diddy into making his statement about not condoning children out of wedlock?

3. Isn’t it interesting that Will Smith and his 11-year old son now both have number one movies to their name with the success of the Karate Kid remake?

4. Was it necessary for Jay-Z to use LL as an example of an older artist who is not hot at the moment? What does LL have to prove at this point especially when all the younger artists are standing on his shoulders anyway? LL paved the way for Jay-Z too. Will their differences ever die?

5. Now that everyone on the urban sites has heard the Dr. Dre Jay-Z incompleted “Under Pressure” why are people still waiting on anything from Dre?

6. Is it true that Maxwell’s tour with Jill Scott and Erykah Badu was cancelled because he was acting like a diva?