Killah Priest -The 3 Day Theory

June 11th, 2010- Man Bites Dog Records announced today the release of the new Killah Priest album The 3 Day Theory. This LP has been 100% produced by Kount Fif (Man Bites Dog Records) who had worked with Killah Priest in the past on the track “Gun for Gun” with Nas which was featured on the Killah Priest album The Offering.

The world was first introduced to the magnificent of force of Killah Priest on GZA’s Liquid Swords album. Making his presence known on “4th Chamber” and then stealing the show with his classic solo song “B.I.B.L.E” (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth). His impressive debut on GZA’s album was enough to gain the attention of Geffen Records who released his first album “Heavy Mental” which quickly became a fan favorite and garnered Killah Priest new found success. Priest would later go on to release several solo albums as well as work on Gravediggaz album and become a founding member of Sunz of Man.

The 3 Day Theory finds Killah Priest again in a rare form, narrating the listener through stories of the dark and light (Good and Evil) in human nature. Tracks like “Psalm of Satan” were Priest offers up two twisted verses from the Fallen Angel Lucifer’s perspective, showing the true incredible prowess of this gifted MC. Sabac Red and Ill Bill (La Coka Nostra) also contribute two very unique and potent verses to the track.

Killah Priest is always showing the audience more than one side, is able to show his impressive story telling abilities on “Priest History” which explains his involvement with Wu Tang and his eventual solo rise in the music industry. Killah Priest who also always embraces change sharpens his lyrical swords and works with punch line/ battle rap MC’s Copywrite and Jakki da Moto Mouth on “Fire Reign”. Killah Priest on this track proves that he can hold his own, even with the most creative and witty of modern day ryhmers.
The backdrop and the driving force behind Killah Priest’s renewed spirit and aggressive energy is producer Kount Fif. Blessed with an exceptional ear for sound and rhythm, Kount Fif found the perfect complements for the darker atmosphere that Killah Priest was coming from on this record. Drawing from the darker side of 70’s soul and funk, Fif was able to carefully balance hard hitting beats with touches of the finer details making this album one of the most skillfully produced Killah Priest records in this last decade. The combination of Kount Fif’s production mixed with the lyrical genius of Killah Priest is a dangerous concoction that is sure to make any avid fan or new comer a loyal listener.

DL link to Killah Priest’s “Shadows” MP3:

Tracklisting and credits for Killah Priest’s The 3 Day Theory LP:
(All tracks produced by Kount Fif)
1. Look at Life
3.Betrayal featuring Cappadonna
4 Brolic featuring Empuls
5.Priest History
6.Fire Reign featuring Copywrite and Jakki Da Moto Mouth
7.The Destroyer featuring Steven King, iCON The Mic King, Sonny Seeza and Empuls
8.Birds featuring Jay Notes and Redd Mudd
9.Democracy featuring Canibus
10.Outer Body Experience
11.Psalm of Satan featuring Sabac Red and Ill Bill
12.The Rose
13.Circles featuring Last Emperor and 2mex
14.Words of a Viking