Media Questions Of The Week


1. Is Dr. Dre the greatest hip-hop producer of all time as reported by Vibe magazine? If so, what criteria did fans use to make that determination? Does it really matter who is the greatest hip-hop producer when it’s subjective anyway?

2. Does Gary Coleman’s ex-wife need to take a polygraph test regarding her version of his death?

3. Is Nicki Minaj really biting Lil’ Kim’s style when:

Nicki has always presented herself as an autonomous being when Kim’s career was jumpstarted by Biggie Smalls who also wrote some of Kim’s rhymes and designed her image? An image that Kim admits encouraged her to alter her looks because the men in her life like B.I.G. preferred lighter-skinned women and used Faith Evans as an example?

Nicki’s whole Barbie thing with the funny-looking eyes to entertain is very different from Kim’s Queen Bee from the Mafioso family always name-dropping fashion labels hyper hetereosexual persona?

Nicki’s is an openly bisexual and/or gay rapper who has stayed up all night signing pics of her fans’ breasts in an act of pro-body feminism/sisterhood and rapped graphically on more than one song about the kind of female company she would like where as Kim has always talked about being a real &*^%$ who takes the *($%?

Why would Kim reduce her influence to pronounced sexuality in clingy clothes and fluorescent wigs since that’s all she and Nicki really have in common?

And why does Nicki have to pay homage to Kim when Kim never really acknowledged that Salt N Pepa were the first female rappers to dress-up in sexy garb?