Chor Boogie Is Helping People Understand The World Through Color


Chor Boogie has created portraits for some high profile clients. His clientele includes: Hugh Hefner, Jay Z, Rage Against The Machine, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, NAS, just to name a few. He has also done commissioned work for Tony Robbins, MOCA of SD, the New Children’s Museum, the Olympics in China, and recently was commissioned to paint a 100-Year-Old Stand Up Piano that Eric Clapton, Janis Joplin, and The Grateful Dead played on. It only seems natural that a piece of musical history would get new life from an artist as original as the musicians who played on it through the years.

Who exactly is Chor Boogie?
Chor Boogie is an artist, a conceptual genius, a street romantic, and a master of illusion technique. The Chor Boogie brand is bringing the medium of spray paint to the forefront of the fine art industry and changing the way people view this style of art. With the coming release of his documentary, Spray Paint the Movie…The Fine Art of Chor Boogie, which was directed and produced by Sarah Fisher, Chor Boogie is sure to become an icon in the world of spray paint art.
Chor Boogie is an original. By using only spray paint to create his masterpieces, one could say he is a traditionalist. His works can be described as having healing effects by his unique and unmatched use of color, which brings greater meaning and understanding to his works.
Originally from San Diego, the artist known as Chor Boogie currently resides in San Francisco but is an internationally known artist and has traveled extensively, bringing his art to countries as diverse as China, Dubai, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and Australia. He has been an artist since the age of five, when his kindergarten teacher handed him a paintbrush and began a love of art that would eventually lead him to the medium of spray paint. Almost a decade ago, Chor Boogie experienced a spiritual healing and recovery from addiction, and it is this healing that inspires his choices of color and his innovative techniques today.

As an aerosol artist, Chor Boogie understands the streets. The streets are where this art form was born, where this amazing artist came from and practiced daily, and remains an influence that will always affect the way in which Chor Boogie expresses his art.
Regarding his unique use of color, Chor Boogie says, “My artwork is derived from the colors of my soul. It is a therapeutic flow of colors, shapes, and movements combined in to one. A movement of images that has adapted to space giving it the significance of belonging to its surface, coming together as one and forming images of creation. Expressing realms of colors that give a healing sense and encourages you to wake up.”

The art world has in fact woken up and taken notice of this amazingly talented artist who has brought new life to the spray paint art medium. Chor Boogie’s Boogie Bird is a brand within his brand that defines the beauty of simplicity and the power of cuteness. This sophisticated bird is a combination of a hummingbird, penguin, and dodo bird, and although was originally created by accident, it is clear that this bird was no accident and was born from the mind of an experimental artist and is here to stay.

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Chor Boogie is an eclectic artist with as diverse a resume as one can get, and yet he has stayed true to the purity of his art form. He embodies the definition of the rare “true artist” and is surely setting himself up to become a household name in the days to come.