R.I.P. Ali Ollie Woodson


Ali Ollie Woodson mostly known for singing with The Temptations passed yesterday in California after a battle with cancer. Woodson’s professional career started when he became the lead singer of The Drifters in the 1970’s. Most Motown fans would agree that the classic Temp lineup of David Ruffin, Paul Williams, Eddie Kendricks, Melvin Franklin and Otis Williams was the best one but Woodson’s entrance in 1984 gave the group another life. “Treat Her Like A Lady” from the next year co-written by Woodson and Otis Williams reignited the respect for The Temptations for a new era. Truly For You was the name of the album and it was their best one of the decade. Woodson lead the group from ’84 to ’87 and then again from ’89 to ’97 leaving the second time because of throat cancer. His post Temptations work included touring with the band in 2002 and a couple of groups with former Temptation lead singers Glenn Leonard and Barrington “Bo” Henderson. They billed themselves as Legendary Leads Of The Temptations and The Temptations Reunion provoking a lawsuit from Otis Williams. Charges of lowering the market price of the group and false advertising were cast but the case went nowhere and by 2006 he was performing in a Temptations Revue with Dennis Edwards. Woodson recorded two solo CDs Right Here All Along from 2001 and Never Give Up from 2009. Another great voice enters the superband in the sky.