R.I.P. Gary Coleman


Gary Coleman died today of a brain hemorrhage sustained from a fall he had last week. None of us who grew-up watching “Diff’rent Strokes will ever forget when Arnold Jackson said ‘Whatchu Talking Bout Willis?’ Despite having success as a child Coleman transformed into a very unhappy adult. It seemed that the industry could never see him as anything more than Arnold Jackson and a has-been child star to make fun of and exploit for a cheap laugh. Back in February of this year The Insider went out of the way to push Coleman’s buttons to see him blow-up and walk off the show. His health problems weren’t enough for people to have empathy for him so they made jokes about his struggles. There is a minority of people who appreciated the pleasure he gave us when he was kid and stood back and hoped that he would find happiness without attacking him along the way. Well hopefully he can find peace now. Thanks Mr. Coleman for giving me some cool childhood memories.