Ed Lover Announces Exciting Developments for C’Mon Son Web Series


(April 29, 2010) Legendary hip-hop personality Ed Lover is once again making waves as his riotous yet biting C’mon Son phenomenon continues to sweep across the country. No subject is too sacred, no person is impervious to ‘C’mon Son’ as Ed Lover offers his witty insights on sports, music, movies, politics, and pop culture in his webisode series on http://cmonsononline.com/ that currently spans twelve entertaining episodes.

The ‘C’Mon Son’ webisodes are quickly ingraining themselves into today’s pop culture. Each webisode features Ed Lover’s commentary and amusingly cutting observations on recent events in the world around him. Diddy, Usher, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, and DJ Khaled are but a few of the celebrities who have endorsed the movement and made appearances on the show to hold up the infamous cardboard ‘C’mon Son’ sign. It is not only the hip-hop community that has caught ‘C’mon Son’ fever; last season NFL star Chad OchoCinco of the Cincinnati Bengals celebrated a touchdown reception by displaying a cardboard sign bearing Ed Lover’s signature slogan.

‘C’mon Son’ has also spawned a community of its own on Ed Lover’s website, as fans across the country routinely submit pictures of themselves with makeshift cardboard ‘C’mon Son’ signs to the site’s gallery, engage in conversations in the site’s forums and visit the ‘C’mon Son’ store to purchase limited edition t-shirts and accessories. “The ‘C’Mon Son’ catch phrase has quickly become a phenomenon – both with Ed’s listeners and fans and amongst pop culture enthusiasts,” says Ed Lover’s business partner Michael ‘Blue’ Williams of Family Tree Entertainment, a division of Primary Wave Management. “We are looking to super serve the masses with multiple ways they can ways to support the ‘C’Mon Son’ movement.” Having already made an impact on radio, television, and now on the internet, Ed Lover is currently preparing to take his exciting new endeavor into the mobile phone world, as well, as he readies the release of a series of voicebacks and voicetones featuring a variety of ‘C’mon Son’-isms. In addition to selling mobile content, the “C’Mon Son” brand will soon extend into exclusive merchandise.

Check out Ed Lover’s latest webisode, C’mon Son Episode 12, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-SidHPK9Nw

The Background:

Ed Lover is a multi-faceted talent who has been a steadfast presence in hip-hop culture for the past twenty years. He began his career as a rapper with the group No Face, before going on to co-host Yo! MTV Raps with cohort Doctor Dre. Ed Lover and Doctor Dre teamed up again to star in the hip-hop whodunit Who’s The Man? and later went on to host the highly rated Morning Show With Ed, Lisa and Dre on Hot 97. Currently being heard as on-air personality at New York’s Power 105.1FM, Ed Lover has also recently made appearances on television shows on VH1 in addition to his popular ‘C’mon Son’ web series.