Media Questions Of The Week


1. Why did Vernon Winfrey sell out his daughter Oprah to Kitty Kelley? And while he is talking so much to Kelley about Oprah why didn’t he talk about the time his daughter was sexually abused??? But isn’t it funny how people like Barbara Walters, David Letterman, Larry King and others will not have Kitty Kelley on their shows to promote the book?

2. Isn’t the whole thing with Whitney Houston so painful that you just don’t want to hear about it anymore? Isn’t her health more important now than entertaining people?

3. What does Glenn Beck mean by saying that Tyler Perry is his hero? Does he not know that Tyler is Black? We all know when conservatives like Glenn Beck “like” the Tyler Perrys of the world it really means that Perry and or his Christian ethic is proof of anyone’s ability to achieve the American Dream by pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. Therefore Blacks who complain about racism, economic racism and/or the need of government
to level the playing field for them to gain access to that dream are “lazy,” “whiny” and playing the “race card.”