Luv N’Haight May ’10 Releases: Twilight – Still Loving You + Twilight – Pains Of Love (CD x LP)


Still Loving You, by Twilight, was originally released in 1981. Housed in a low-fi generic album cover, this very polished, professionally produced record sounds like it was made by a super talented band. Strains of Earth Wind and Fire, George Duke and Roy Ayers, flow through a collection of tunes that effortlessly blend soul, disco, funk, Latin and Brazilian vibes. But looks, as evident with the LP cover, can be deceptive. Twilight was not a band. In fact, with the exception of a guest horn section and one guest vocal, Twilight was, and still is, Lawrence Ross; one man with a clear vision of what his music should sound like, and how he would make it on his own.

In 1986, five years after the release of his first album, Lawrence Ross returned with a new Twilight record called Pains of Love.

Original copies of the two Twilight records have been trading hands for over $500 each. Still Loving You is the earlier release (by 5 years) and has an organic vibe in comparison to it’s more electronic sequel “Pains of Love.”

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john Duarte
john Duarte
14 years ago

tryin to get ahold of Lawrence ross, I was the percussionist on this album