Media Questions Of The Week


1. Is there any truth to the rumors that Nicki Minaj’s cancelled participation on the Rihanna tour is a result of Rihanna’s insecurity over Nicki’s new success upstaging her?

2. How good will Dr. Dre’s Detox be?

3. Why did Rihanna reach out to Nikki Six of Motley Crue to appear in the video for her song “Rockstar 101?” Has she or her team not heard of Fishbone? Ben Harper? Living Color, 24-7 Spyz or the multitude of artists with the Black Coalition? Or how about weaving some Jimi Hendrix footage into the video? Didn’t she know that Nikki Sixx was once arrested for calling a security guard a nigger? She also should have known that Sixx called Sylvia Rhone a “nigger cunt?” When will urban artists seek out Black rockers for these kinds of projects?