Throwback: GQ-Disco Nights


GQ was a quartet from the Bronx, New York started in 1968 with the name Sabu & The Survivors. In the 1970’s they changed their name to The Rhythm Makers and released one album Soul On Your Side in 1976. “Zone” was a popular dance single from that project recorded for the De-Lite Recorded Sound Corporation mostly known for signing Kool and The Gang. They became GQ (Good Quality) in 1978 at the behest of their manager and got a new record deal with Arista. “Disco Nights (Rock Freak)” from their first 1979 Arista LP charted at number one for the R&B category and became a timeless party record. “I Do Love You” was a quietstorm standard originally sung by ’60’s R&B singer Billy Stewart and their cover firmly placed GQ into classic status. “Sitting In The Park” and “Standing Ovation” were the singles from the 1980 album Two and they gratified their R&B audience with tracklisting of all original music. Face to Face in 1981 would be their last album and their exit was graceful. The dancefloor blissfulness of “Shake” and the heavyhearted ballad “Sad Girl” were the goodbye singles that officially ended their recording career. Lead singer Emanuel Rahiem LeBlanc released a tribute to Marvin Gaye and Stewart.