Media Questions Of The Week


1. Isn’t it amazing how Michael Jackson is breaking records from the grave with the new $200 million contract his estate arranged with Sony?

2. Is Essence magazine folding?

3. Why is one of Malcolm X’s convicted killers Thomas Hagan getting out of prison on parole? Why did he only serve two days a week in prison as a part of a work release program? Why were the other two men Muhammad Abdul Aziz (Norman 3X Butler) and Kahlil Islam (Thomas 15X Johnson) who were also convicted of Malcolm’s murder but maintained their innocence released on parole in 1985 and 1987 especially when all three men were sentenced 20 years to life? If Islam and Aziz were not co-conspirators
then who else fired the guns? Hagan said those men were not involved in the killing so why didn’t he say who was? Is it really rehabilitation if Hagan refused to tell who really was responsible? Why have all three of these men been able to quietly re-enter society? Why don’t we have a definitive answer about who killed Malcolm X?