DVD Review: Breaking Point


“Breaking Point” is another New York crime thriller cliché of corruption, conflict and redemption. Tom Berenger is Steven Luisi a once respected criminal defense attorney who battles his inner hell of drug addiction and lingering memories of a family calamity. He defends an accused murderer who has ties to Luisi’s former drug dealer and baby killer played by Busta Rhymes. Sticky Fingaz of the rap group Onyx is Richard “Beanz” Allen a former jock turned gang member who joins forces with Luisi to bring justice and take Rhymes’s sociopathic character Al Bowen down. Beanz used to work for Bowen but broke away from his organization after he saw Bowen kill a mother and throw her child out of the window. His former grace as an athlete and luck enable him to catch the baby and arouse Bowen’s murderous ire. Armand Assante complicates matters even further as a mendacious prosecutor that taunts Luisi and adds to the already present cravings that lead him back to the pipe. The paint by the numbers script ensues and Luisi spends the rest of the film looking constipated while becoming vindicated after a rote battle between good and evil. Rhymes is convincing but he is not enough to carry the whole show. In spite of everything director Jeff Celentano’s “Breaking Point” is just one more B-movie for the insomniac crowd.