Basic Vocab- A Better Way


Basic Vocab (consisting of Miami, FL natives Mental Growth, JL Sorrell, Tony Galvin) used their debut, The General Dynamic, (2006) as a platform to fully introduce and integrate themselves with the Hip-hop populous at large; and introduce themselves they did with “Come Get With It” as it was featured on Season #5 of HBO’s runaway smash series Entourage and also appeared in an episode of Miami Ink and the group was also featured in esteemed print publications such as Vibe, Urb, The Ave, Elemental, Hip Hop Connection, XLR8R, Miami Herald and were predominantly featured on many of the top Urban Net destinations.

While Basic Vocab continues to climb the Rap hierarchy, the group’s sound architect, Tony Galvin already has a few Platinum plaques on his wall, as he has produced hit singles for Trick Daddy (“Shut Up”) and Trina (“Baddest Bitch”) and produced tracks for Cee Lo, T.I. (“You Know Who”), Young Jeezy (“Show You What It Is”) and T.I. and Nelly’s “Show It To Me”; Tony’s work with T.I. earned him a production deal with T.I.’s Grand Hustle/Atlantic imprint.

One of the most talented upstart producers in Hip-hop, its Tony’s versatility that sets him apart, as his ability to craft and shift from mainstream to golden age headnodders is seamless and rather then make artists conform to one particular style, Tony is able to craft beats that fully compliment the artists he is working with; and that again rings true on A Better Way.

JL Sorell and Mental Growth once again offer a bold and topically diverse subject matter, delving into politically tinged themes, relationship odes (“Why You Do Me Like That”) and feel good party (”There You Are” f/Don Will, “Prescription,” “Just Dance”) starting vibes turning them into a contemporary and utterly refreshing sound with A Better Way. Tracks such as “Prescription” and “There You Are” f/ Don Will have already gained traction and been featured on outlets such as, Myspace Music,,,, etc.

Ready to reclaim the buzz that was generated from their debut, Basic Vocab returns On April 13th, 2010 with their sophomore LP, A Better Way, and returns in a very good space and very confident in the music they are creating, as Mental Growth confirms “I was in a very good place while recording A Better Way and I’m very proud of this project. Though we will still raise the decibels and violate some noise ordnances with the LP, we also ventured out more artistically and filled some topical voids as well.” Similarly, JL Sorrell offers more insight into the group’s direction “From the music to the lyrics, it was a concerted effort, and we had fun making it- that’s the most important thing. I feel this album is something that is missing from hip-hop right now, its modern music with an old school feel.”

Tracklisting and credits for Basic Vocab’s A Better Way:

1.) A Better Way Intro (produced by Tony Galvin)
2.) Classic (produced by Tony Galvin)
3.) Just Dance (feat. Amir) (produced by Tony Galvin)
4.) Prescription (Produced by Illastrate)
5.) Snippet 1 (produced by Tony Galvin)
6.) Push It To The Side (produced by Tony Galvin)
7.) There You Are f/Donwill of Tanya Morgan (produced by Tony Galvin)
8.) Chill f/Rahsaan (produced by Tony Galvin)
9.) Snippet 2 (produced by Tony Galvin)
10.) Keep It Simple f/Remedy (produced by Tony Galvin)
11.) Club Music (produced by Tony Galvin)
12.) What They Want (produced by Tony Galvin)
13.) Snippet 3 (produced by Tony Galvin)
14.) Sit On Down (Produced by Miami Beat Wave)
15.) Why You Do Me Like That f/Amir (produced by Tony Galvin)
16.) Hot To Death f/Dynas (produced by Tony Galvin)
17.) Snippet 4 (produced by Tony Galvin)
18.) Shine Like A Star f/Jesse Boykins III (produced by Tony Galvin)
19.) Tears f/Anomaly (produced by Tony Galvin)
20.) I Said It (produced by Tony Galvin)
21.) A Better Way (produced by Tony Galvin)