Media Questions Of The Week


1. Why didn’t George Clooney and his girlfriend stand-up and applaud for Mo’Nique after her historic win at the Oscars?

2. Is Chris Brown’s career really over now that he has taken to the internet to summon his fans to call radio stations to hear his music again?

3. Why did Howard Stern make those boorish comments about Gabourey Sidibe’s appearance especially when we all know that Stern did not become successful because of HIS appearance? And why does his Sambo sidekick Robin Quivers who is a Black woman ride so hard with every ignorant thing Stern says?

4. Why are people calling Lady Gaga and Beyonce swagger jackers in regards to their “Telephone” video when there is nothing new under the sun? Why don’t they just say that their work lacks quality by their definition?

5. Although Jamie Foxx is a comedian was it really necessary for him to make fun of Gabourey Sidibe too?