Jimi Hendrix-Valleys Of Neptune


“Valleys Of Neptune” is a 40 year old song that Jimi Hendrix performed during his last recording sessions for the posthumously finished album First Rays Of The Rising Sun. The painting used in this video is one of 110 watercolor paintings Jimi created when he was in school. His father kept these paintings and his stepsister Janie Hendrix who runs the estate picked this one for “Valleys.” The new album also titled Valleys Of Neptune will contain this single and 12 other outtakes that includes some covers and previously unreleased studio versions of his songs “Fire,” “Red House” and “Stone Free.” The compilation will be released March 9th and his entire catalog is also being relaunched. It’s nice to see that his stepsister Janie Hendrix is keeping the Hendrix estate profitable with music releases but it’s too bad she won’t let a movie about his life be made because no one can ever get permission to use his music and she doesn’t want Jimi’s drug use mentioned at all. Even though the estate now has an independent trustee the movie is still not happening anytime soon. Andre 3000 was ready to take on the role and he would’ve been ideal. Maybe Janie Hendrix’s non-Black status has made her lack the understanding of how important presenting Jimi’s story on film is to Black people. Whites owned his image when he was alive and a movie is a chance for him to reach the Black audiences he always wanted. She has no problem okaying his image for lava lamps and pajamas which are obviously marketed to white people and clearing samples for rappers but no real explanation of his life on film.