Media Questions Of The Week


1. Why didn’t Q-Tip’s The Renaissance win rap album of the year at the Grammys?

2. Is Solange right about the lack or coverage that Beyonce has received for breaking the record for the number of awards received by female Grammy winner in one night? Or have the Grammys lost their luster and fans don’t care anymore?

3. Now that Nicki Minaj asked her female fans on Twitter to send her pics of their boobs to be virtually autographed will she be the first vocal and out Black lesbian/bisexual rapper?

4. Why does it seem that the events to raise money for Haiti are prime press opportunities for many artists who never publicly supported any cause before now?

5. Why did Lil’ Wayne who is a wealthy rapper and obviously intelligent say that he is “Looking forward to Jail” in his Rolling Stone cover interview? Will this minstrel-for-hire bad boy image ever die in the conglomerate controlled rap?

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14 years ago

Thank you very much