True Legend COPE2 Reps Concrete Immortalz


Long Island, NY — January 28, 2010 – Elite Gudz is proud to present the first in series of videos starring graffiti’s most iconic and prolific artists as they join the ranks as official Concrete Immortalz.

Starting with the ambassador for New York graffiti, COPE2 gave us his thoughts on Immortalz creator Phetus, the comic and topped it off by destroying a section of the Concrete Immortalz mural.

Originally painted at Tuff City Tattoo by Phetus and Such, the Concrete Immortalz mural was immediately destroyed by Cap, Cope2, T-Kid, Ban2, Indie and Cheez as a tribute to the real life actions that go on within the graffiti subculture.

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13 years ago

dammn madd props for COPE2 man…stay up nd fuck the vandal squad.. comming at you from LA..