Media Questions Of The Week


1. Why are Benzino and Royce Da 5′ 9″ waving guns in videos? What does that have to do with hip-hop? Didn’t we learn anything from Biggie and Pac?

2. Why are people criticizing Beyonce’s gig on New Year’s Eve performing for the Gaddafi family by saying it was unpatriotic to perform for a known woman beater and terrorist family when:

America engages in terrorist acts around the world and we call it “Counter terrorism.”

America is home to misogyny and woman hatred that keeps women underpaid and allows men like Charlie Sheen, Ryan O’ Neal and gangsta rappers go to high-paying jobs in peace without any criticism, punishment, loss of social standing or lack or work.

Why didn’t the American public become outraged over people like the Bush family to having definite business and more than likely personal ties to the Bin Laden family who were allowed to fly out of the country on 9/12?

Or the fact that Dick Cheney who took advantage of his position as defense secretary and then the CEO of Halliburton made millions of dollars with Saddam Hussein which was a violation of the Trading With The Enemy Act? Halliburton is also the former owner of Kellogg, Brown and Root an engineering and construction company that did business in Iraq that had several former female employees tell Congress how they were raped by fellow workers. Jamie Leigh Jones testified before Congress that her male co-workers drugged and gang raped her. As a result of these events she started her foundation to advocate for victims of sexual assault.One female worker who reported incidents of sexual harassment to her boss was fired for making her report.

And to answer the question posed by many as to why a woman with her wealth needed the extra 2 million for the gig the answer is that even the most successful of performers have a steady winning streak or a heyday as it called where their worth is at its highest. The intelligent ones make all the money they can while they can. And like most big American companies she wants to expand the distribution of her product which would be her live shows. By performing for this powerful family it will make it easier for her to gig in that part of the world in the future.

The Gaddafi family went out of its way to befriend George W. Bush and Libya has been a US ally for seven years.

Lastly the media didn’t even fact check the show because it was hosted by Muatsim-Billah Gaddafi the BROTHER of Moutassim Bilal “Hannibal” Gaddafi and “Hannibal” is the one with the public history of domestic violence NOT Muatsim.

3. Was it really the best choice for Essence to put Reggie Bush on the cover regarding Black Men, Love and relationships now that several Black women have voiced their disgust with him because of his relationship with Kim Kardashian a white woman?

4. Why did it take so long for the authorities to charge Dr. Conrad Murray with involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson?