From Hip Hop to Disney, Comic Master Michael Colyar Delivers the Funny


Los Angeles – Not many comedians can claim a career as diverse as that of veteran funny man Michael Colyar. A true comic master, Colyar has been delivering his phenomenal brand of humor to audiences for over two decades now. Rousing, relevant, conscious and inspirational he transcends dimensions, with a style that defies restrictions.

Colyar is currently celebrating his longevity and tenacity with his casting in Disney’s highly anticipated new film, “The Princess and the Frog,”starring Anika Noni Rose, John Goodman, Oprah Winfrey and Terrence Howard. In the animated spectacular, Colyar provides the voice for the character of the chef. Lending credence to his mixed bag of skills, he then flips the script playing a dirty cop in Snoop Dogg’s upcoming short rap film, “Malice N Wonderland,” starring Jamie Foxx, Soulja Boy, DJ Quik and Xzibit.
Soulja Boy and Michael Colyar on the set of “Malice N Wonderland” (Photo Credit: Jared R.Milgrim/

Colyar began his career on the shores of Venice Beach, where for nine years he honed his craft performing five one-hour shows a day! Mainstream success knocked on his door in 1990 when he was selected the $100,000 Grand Prize Comedy champion of “Star Search,” the popular nationally televised talent competition. Colyar, who has always advocated giving from the heart, donated $50,000 of his win to homeless charities throughout the Los Angeles area. A charismatic personality, Colyar went on to tackle the big and small screen, garnering film and television credits. He even served as one of television’s pioneer late night Black talk show host entertaining audiences nightly on “BET Live From LA.”

“God is just the greatest,” shares Colyar. “I am blessed to be a channel for him, delivering a message of wholeness and well being through what is sometimes perceived to be the bawdiest humor. But laughter is the most healing balm on the planet. When you laugh, your heart opens and that’s when I get you. My goal is to raise your consciousness by any means necessary!”

2010 will see Colyar delivering his first ever comedy album, “Michael Colyar’s Greatest Hits and the Greatest Unknowns” a compilation CD of music from up and coming musical artists, interspersed with his classic comedy routines. His character’s voice from “The Princess and the Frog” will also appear in the Wii game version from the movie and his new DVD, “Michael Colyar’s Extravagant Adventure” is slated for release early next year.

Colyar is also busy putting the finishing touches on two new books, “Miss Innocent Goes to Kool Skool and Other Silly Stuff,” which is a book of poetry for adult children and “Michael Goes Motivational” which he describes as “an autobiographical adventure of self discovery through humor and the transformational power of God.”

Motivational speaker Les Brown provides the foreward for “Miss Innocent Goes to Kool Skool and Other Silly Stuff” and states, “I have been fortunate to meet many talented and gifted people. Two, who stand out most in my mind for their ability to change people’s lives with the power of the written word, are Maya Angelou and Michael Colyar.”

From the sand and shore of the beach, to the gritty streets of hip hop, and the magical world of Disney animation, Michael Colyar remains a captivating persona of laughter and love. Visit with him at

Photo Credit Michael Colyar with Princess: Nelson Walker