The “Thrilling” Life of the ‘King of Pop’: Personal Items Related to Michael Jackson up for Auction

The “Thrilling” Life of the ‘King of Pop’
Personal Items Related to Michael Jackson on the Auction Block at
Bonhams & Butterfields

Bonhams & Butterfields’ Entertainment Memorabilia auction on December
20, 2009 in Los Angeles will feature a wide variety of items related to
Hollywood, Rock ‘n Roll and Animation Arts, including a selection of
property from Michael Jackson’s private life. Also included are pieces
related to Marilyn Monroe; the Brown Derby restaurant on Vine Street in
Hollywood, and countless movie posters and vintage animation cells

Headlining the December sale is a selection of personal items related to
Michael Jackson which offer the public an opportunity to see what it was
like to be the ‘King of Pop’ including clothing, items from his
Neverland Ranch, master recordings of his songs, signed photographs, and
behind-the-scenes paperwork.

“Thrilling” Jackson lots include: the t-shirt worn by him in the ‘Beat
It’ video (the turquoise one seen under the red leather jacket he wears
during the dance sequence) (est. $10,000-12,000), an enormous customized
area rug depicting Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley that was given
to the couple as a wedding gift (est. $1,000-1,500); Jackson’s
letterman’s style ‘Mickey Mouse’ jacket which still contains items he
left in the pocket almost twenty years ago (est. $3,000-5,000); an audio
cassette tape recording from Jackson’s now-infamous 1984 Pepsi
commercial (est. $500-700); a personally owned and worn wool overcoat
and hat gifted to the star by Russian military dignitaries (est.
$2,000-2,500); a custom-made black fedora embossed in the lining
“Michael Jackson” (est. $200-300); and the original 1983 master test
proof recording of Jackson’s hit song ‘Thriller’ used by Grammy® winning
master recording engineer, Bruce Swedien. This recording is being sold
to benefit student scholarships for the California State University
Summer Arts program (est. $4,000-6,000).

Additional items of note include a ‘Psychedelic Mandala’ used onstage by
the Grateful Dead in the early 1970s (est. $5,000-5,500) and a fur
costume worn by Beatle Ringo Starr as he portrayed ‘Atouk’ in the 1981
cult classic film “Caveman” (est. $1,000-1,500).

Highlights related to classic films will also be prominently featured.
Items on offer will include a painted backdrop of the iconic O’Hara
plantation, ‘Tara,’ created for the title sequence of “Gone With The
Wind” (1939) by noted California plein air artist, Fitch Fulton (est.
$20,000-25,000); an employment contract signed two times by a 23-year
old Marilyn Monroe (est. $7,000-9,000) and a selection of classic and
vintage movie posters from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” “Gone with the
Wind,” “Pufnstuf” and countless others

Also featured will be a selection of caricatures from the walls of the
famed The Brown Derby Restaurant at 1628 North Vine Street in Hollywood,
California. Consigned by David Gill Evans, longtime publicist for The
Derby, the offering includes a Charlie Chaplin signed caricature, 1930s
(est. $800-1,000); a Norman Rockwell signed caricature, 1940s (est.
$400-600) and numerous other caricatures of iconic Hollywood stars as
well as select pieces memorabilia from the noted establishment.

In addition, Bonhams & Butterfields will be offering a selection of
Animation Art. Featured works include a Walt Disney celluloid from
“Bambi,” 1942 (est. $9,000-12,000) and two celluloids from
“Pinocchio,”1940. The first cel form “Pinocchio” depicts Jiminy Cricket
(est. $5,000-7,000) and the second features the character Lampwick,
Pinocchio’s friend on Pleasure Island (est. $4,000-6,000).

The illustrated auction catalog is available online at in the weeks preceding the sale and Los Angeles

Preview: December 17-19, 2009, Los Angeles

Auction: December 20, 2009, 10:00am