Throwback: S.O.S. Band- Just Be Good To Me


The S.O.S. Band which stood for Sounds Of Santa Monica and then Sounds Of Success hail from Atlanta, Georgia and started as a band in 1977. They were signed to Tabu Records and had their first big hit in 1980 with “Take Your Time (Do It Right)” and “S.O.S.” from their eponymous debut album. Their second album Too did not have any hit singles but that changed on their third outing S.O.S. Band III. It was at this time when the band connected with Leon Sylvers III, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. “High Hopes” and “Groovin’ (That’s What We’re Doing)” came from those sessions. On The Rise was their fourth studio album and it is where they benefitted the most from Jam and Lewis who wrote “Just Be Good To Me” and “Tell Me If You Still Care.” Their positive collaboration with the Minneapolis songwriter/producers continued with their fifth release Just The Way You Like It that created “No One’s Gonna Love You,” “Weekend Girl” and the title track. The following album Sands Of Time would contain their last hit song “The Finest” also written and produced by Jam and Lewis and their final recording with lead singer Mary Davis. The last two studio albums Diamonds In The Raw and One Of Many Nights with new lead vocalist Chandra Currelley were mediocre and lacked the power of their earlier music with Mary Davis. Davis rejoined the band in 1994 and they still tour and perform for Old School music crowds nationally and internationally.