Rapper Invinceable Teams With Jon B And Battlecat To Address The War Abroad And On The Streets



Highland, CA – When Henrietta Han saw her son off to Iraq, she prayed. A 20 year old Marine, Anthony Hector Vargas was a proud young man, wanting only to serve his country. Upon his return home after seven months in Iraq, Han, like any loving mother, exhaled. Her son had returned home on leave safely from Operation Iraqi Freedom, before being deployed to Afghanistan.

Just a few short weeks later, however, a few blocks from their home, he was tragically taken away from her, killed in a senseless street fight. In an incident that rocked their Redland, CA community, families mourned. Be it the war in Iraq or the war on the streets, where does the violence end, where does the violence begin?
Twenty three year old rapper, Invinceable lost his cousin and friend when Vargas was taken away from him that sad day in March of this year. An unfortunate phenomenon sweeping urban communities across America, young men and women, are the street soldiers of our times. They are losing their lives, dying like flies. Invinceable knew he had to do something. His cousin’s short life could not, would not be in vain.

“A Soldier Never Dies” is his hip hop tribute to not only Vargas but to all our young soldiers, fighting the war not only overseas, but also to those falling victim to the war here in the streets daily. Produced by the west coast’s legendary Battlecat, whose platinum credits include Snoop Dogg, The Game and Xzibit, with the hook sung by R&B/pop crooner sensation Jon B, “A Soldier Never Dies” rings as an anthem for today’s youth in these troubled times.
Invinceable is no newcomer to the rap game. Originally from Pomona, CA, he has been honing his craft on the west coast working with Battlecat and rappers like Suga Free, Kokane and Chino Brown for several years now. “A Soldier Never Dies” marks his official foray as his makes his own indelible mark. The single will be released digitally mid-November with a video to be shot around his neighborhood of Redlands in San Bernandino County, CA with both Battlecat and Jon B slated to participate. In addition, a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the single will go to the Anthony Vargas Organization, a foundation being established by Vargas’ mother, Henrietta Han. The foundation will work to send care packages to our troops.

“When my son was taken from me, I no longer wanted to live,” recalls Han. “But I knew God had a plan for me to fulfill. It is my vision to see not only Anthony’s memory live on, but the memory of all of our fallen soldiers, our children, who are dying everyday, every moment, here and overseas.”

“Hip hop music is our voice,” explains Invinceable. “Rapping about money and women is cool, but I felt like I had to rap about what was on my heart and what was real to me. My cousin lives on. His spirit was in the studio with us while we were recording. He’s an angel in heaven now, and I’m just trying to be an angel for him here on earth. I want the world to know, a soldier never dies, never.”

To find out more about Invinceable go to http://www.ASoldierNeverDies.com and http://myspace.com/oginvinceable . For more information about the Anthony Vargas Organization, go http://www.AnthonyVargas.org.

Pictured in group photo, top row: Invinceable. Left to right: Jon B., Henrietta Han and Battlecat.

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14 years ago

I think it’s cool that these artist are thinking of our troops and this Young Marine.

Charles B. Hicks Jr.
Charles B. Hicks Jr.
14 years ago

Thanks for being of service. May God bless you and your family always.

Charles B. Hicks Jr.
Hi-Desert WHVVD Chairman
(760) 956-8173

11 years ago

i miss anthony
by karla