Tanya Morgan & Black Sheep Extend City Limits Of Brooklynati Down The East Coast



(Brooklyn, NY – September 25, 2009) Fresh off the release of their critically praised album Brooklynati, Cincinnati and Brooklyn-based rap trifecta Tanya Morgan will be performing three shows in early October on the East Coast in New York, Baltimore, and Washington DC respectively. Performing alongside Tanya Morgan will be the highly regarded original members of The Native Tongues collective Black Sheep.

The first stop on the tour in New York is extra special as it marks Tanya Morgan’s first appearance at the legendary nightclub S.O.B’s. Emcee/producer Von Pea is especially excited about the NY show, “We’ve performed at a lot of spots in NY, but to finally headline at S.O.B.’s is something that we, as a group, are really happy about.” Adding to the excitement, this occasion marks first time that the trio performs with a live band. When asked about this dynamic Von Pea replied, “We’re used to having our music sound a certain way with samples, but when you bring in a live band, the sound that comes from that, is going to be something new and fresh for us.” Emcee Dres of Black Sheep is equally excited about the live aspect of the NYC show as he explains, “For years I’ve been performing with live bands and I think it’s great. The hip-hop elements are there so when you have good musicians around you, the creativity and room for experimentation create the potential for a great show.”

With their most recent release Brooklynati garnering favorable reviews across online and print outlets such as Billboard, Spin, and XXL Magazine, Tanya Morgan is continuing to push the genre forward. Earning comparisons to the legendary super collective Native Tongues which Black Sheep themselves were once part of, Tanya Morgan is bridging a gap between two decades of hip-hop that only a select few can accomplish. Black Sheep, who have garnered the utmost respect for providing the soundtrack to many music fans’ formative years with such songs as “The Choice Is Yours (This Or That)” and “Similak Child,” will also be performing all of their timeless material along with some new songs.

10/6 @ NYC, Revive da Live @ SOB’s http://www.sobs.com/R_n_B_Soul/2009/1006.html
10/7 @ Baltimore, Bourbon Ballroom http://www.bourbonstreetbaltimore.com/calendar.cfm
10/8 @ Washington DC, Liv Lounge http://www.livdc.com/

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