Songstress Lori Jenaire Tributes Phyllis Hyman



Sherman Oaks, CA – When Phyllis Hyman sang, our souls listened. She set our hearts on fire with a passion and fiery that marks her legend to this day. Her untimely death left us yearning. The music world was at a loss. A songbird was silenced.

Who better to fan the flames of tribute to the illustrious Phyllis Hyman, than songstress Lori Jenaire. On Thursday, September 24, the patrons at the Café Cordiale will shimmy in delight as Lori takes stage to perform some of Phyllis’ most memorable classics. The show is free and begins at 9:30 p.m with the last set ending at midnight. Café Cordiale is located at 14015 Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, CA. Dinner reservations are available at 818-785-1985.

A Chicago native, Lori Jenaire has been influenced by several legendary divas, but her comparisons most often parallel her to Phyllis Hyman. An accomplished songwriter/ arranger/performer in her own right, Lori has two acclaimed CD’s to her credit, “Within Reach” and “Fruition.” In addition to her beauty, she is often heralded for her amazing range, searing vocals and powerful delivery. A statuesque performer at 6 feet tall, interestingly, Jenaire bears a striking resemblance to the late chanteuse as well.

Phyllis Hyman, one of the most treasured vocalist in contemporary times, comes alive through Lori Jenaire’s song, and the experience is nothing short of a blessing upon our ears, our hearts and our souls. When Lori covers Phyllis, something magical happens. There is something about the spirit in her delivery when she sings Phyllis. We feel Phyllis. We know Phyllis. She is present in the room with us. Lori becomes a gateway for us to engage in a special love dance with our memory of all things Phyllis Hyman.

Lori has consistently kept the memory of Phyllis Hyman alive with both of her last CD releases. Her cover of, “You Know How To Love Me,” from her debut, “Within Reach,” hit #19 on the Billboard Dance charts as a remix single and garnered Grammy consideration. “Magic Mona” and “You’re As Right as Rain” also covered on “Within Reach” echoed Phyllis and were widely acclaimed by r&b/jazz purists internationally.

Tracks like “Danger Zone” and “Unexpected Storm” from “Fruition” recall the moody intonations of Phyllis Hyman, as Jenaire’s voice embodies the subtle hues reminiscent of smoke-filled, blue-lit jazz rooms. “There is a bubbling passion within Lori’s voice that is very tantalizing and very exciting. Surely the late, great Phyllis Hyman would have applauded this cut. The way Lori approaches the vocals is so Phyllis that it hurts!” cites a review from about “Danger Zone”.

Lori Jenaire performs with a passion that weaves each song with sultry seduction and sophistication. She has just recently returned to Los Angeles after receiving rave reviews at the Nashville Jazz Festival with Boney James, Phil Perry, and Marion Meadows this past Labor Day weekend. Her night at Café Cordiale is not one to miss. Her tribute promises to be a night to remember as somewhere up above, Phyllis Hyman will be singing along !

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