Media Questions Of The Week


1. If Oprah really doesn’t like misogynist rappers why did she agree to interview Jay-Z? Why did Jay-Z feel he needed Oprah’s validation? Is that really hip-hop?

2. Is Trey Songz the greatest R&B singer of his generation according to Drake?

3. Why did so many people relish in the fact that Whitney Houston’s voice has taken a beating? Especially when we know that if Whitney died tomorrow tons of people would proclaim unconditional love for her? And we also know that Whitney on a bad day is better than all of the new singers at their best..

4.Why did Larry King use Denise Brown as a domestic violence expert for the Chris Brown interview? Denise Brown who is still angry about the slaughter of her sister and the fact that no one was ever convicted for her and Ron Goldman’s murders? Is the murder of Nicole Brown a fair comparison to the Chris Brown Rihanna incident? Also, why are so many people quick to doubt Chris Brown when he is the first male celebrity ever to admit to being violent and to apologize? Is it so hard to give a 20 year old Black man a chance to change?


5. Why did so many people relish in Maia Campbell’s videotaped meltdown resulting from a serious medical problem called mental illness that is still misunderstood by most Americans?

6. Why did Roxanne Shante lie about receiving a PHD??