Do You Have What It Takes To Be Brooklynati’s #1 Producer?



Critical Praise for Tanya Morgan:

“Tanya Morgan’s sophomore album, Brooklynati, is their most accomplished to date, a milestone moment for their already contagiously soulful sound.” – XXL – Chairman’s Choice

4 Stars – Time Out NY

“Tanya Morgan is bolder and braver than forbearers like Black Star and Slum Village… an expansive tour de force” –

“Brooklynati is one of those albums that further proves the fact that hip-hop is not, and will never be, dead.” –

“Tanya Morgan has the best album of the year. And it’s going to be totally ingored. And hip-hop “journalists” should be ashamed of themselves.” – Odell Hall, Owner/Editor In Chief, Editor

“Tanya Morgan are like the sons of De La Soul– soulful, stressed, effortlessly smart flows, intricate production, the whole package.” – SPIN Music Editor Charles Aaron

The Contest:

On May 12th, Tanya Morgan released their highly acclaimed sophomore LP, Brooklynati. Now, to celebrate the album’s success and the release of the trio’s “Never Enough” iTunes single, Tanya Morgan is giving aspiring producers an opportunity to remix the group’s new single. Native Instruments, 2dopeboyz, Tanya Morgan, Interdependent Media, Society Original Products, and Audible Treats have joined forces and are proud to present the “Brooklynati’s Got Talent Remix Contest.” After downloading the Acapella of “Never Enough,” featuring Tanya Morgan’s and Carlitta Durand’s vocals (found at the link below), contestants will have two weeks to craft their best beat and submit their remixed version of the song to be judged by Tanya Morgan and their label, Interdependent Medi a.

First and second place winners will be awarded. First place winner will be awarded prizing from Native Instruments, Society Original Products, Tanya Morgan, and Interdependent Media. Second place winner will be awarded prizing from Tanya Morgan and Interdependent Media (a full list of prizing is provided below). So… do you have what it takes to be Brooklynati’s #1 producer?

To enter the contest, or for further information about the contest, including the download link for the acapella, rules, deadlines, and prizes, please visit:

Due to the amount of prizing we have secured for the contest, the prizing will be awarded on a first and second place basis:

1st Place:
1. Native Instruments prizing (1 Maschine and 1 Traktor Scratch Pro).
2. The winning submission will be included in the release of Tanya Morgan’s upcoming iTunes single release.
3. Brooklynati-inspired clothing courtesy of Society Original Products.
4. 1 signed copy of Brooklynati, 1 certificate of victory signed by select members of the Brooklynati Chamber of Commerce.

2nd Place:
1. 1 official Brooklynati Survival Kit.
2. 1 signed copy of Brooklynati.
3. 1 certificate of victory signed by select members of the Brooklynati Chamber of Commerce.

Never Enough (Acapella):
Never Enough (Original):
Native Instruments Maschine:
Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro:
Brooklynati buy link:
“Never Enough” iTunes single buy link:

Don’t forget to swing over to the Brooklynati DMV and register for your very own Brooklynati Drivers License! Make sure to hold onto the license. Tany Morgan’s MySpace friends who add their Brooklynati license as their profile picture will be added to Tanya Morgan’s top friend list. The license also entitles you to some goodies down the road!