Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion Denorvell Collier Knocks Out ABC-TV’s “Wipe Out”



Temecula, CA – Reality television has revived many careers. For former California State Heavyweight Champion Boxer, Denorvell Collier, a dose of reality will indeed lend a booster shot to his visibility as well when he attempts to knock out “Wipe Out,” ABC-TV’s top rated reality series! Collier will join 24 thrill seekers on Wednesday, August 19 at 8:00 pm EST as they compete in the world’s largest extreme obstacle course! Not unlike twelve rounds in the ring, Collier will face a battle of stamina and endurance as he once again reaches for the championship.

At 6’5″ and 250 lbs, the 50 year old boxer maintains a commanding stature. Collier was a true contender in his day. With a record of 28 fights, 9 knockouts and 7 losses, he possessed a great chin and excellent power, fighting the likes of Buster Douglass, Monte Masters, Alex Garcia, Mark Wills and Eric Curry. The Chicago native was originally discovered and mentored by Muhammad Ali, who encouraged him to relocate to Los Angeles to pursue professional boxing as a career. After attending Indiana State University on a football scholarship, Collier took Ali up on his advice, becoming his workout and sparring partner. He later went on to befriend Mike Tyson and shared fight cards with him as well.

With his good looks and physique, Hollywood soon came calling. Collier made appearances in movies and commercials, including “Only in America” the story of Don King, “Diggs Town” with Lou Gossett Jr., and “Highway to Heaven” with Michael Landon.

But, October 29, 1985 is the day Collier made the boxing history books. A young Dee met the legendary iron-chinned Randall ‘Tex’ Cobb in the ring. Cobb was heavily favored to score a decisive win with an undefeated knock out record. But someone forget to tell Collier. Once the bell rang he immediately used Cobb as a punching bag and knocked the rugged Texan out after a severe battering. Cobb hit the deck four times within 2 minutes and 31 seconds of the fight. It was a fight for the record books! Tex Cobb was slated to fight Michael Sphinx for the title next but never did due to this defeat.

Today Collier has reemerged on the scene to take on competition-styled reality television. A retired federal corrections officer, Collier body builds daily in his free time, easily pumping over 350 lbs in free weights.

With all the arrogance of his mentor, Muhammad Ali, Collier professes, “Being retired, I watch a lot of television. I haven’t seen anyone as strong as me or as pretty as me yet. I figured reality tv needed me. “Wipe Out” proved to be more challenging than going toe to toe with any contender. It was a great experience!”