Media Questions Of The Week


Star & Buc Wild On Aging Rappers from The Urban Daily on Vimeo.

1. Why did Star say that older rappers have no place in hip-hop? Did he hear Q-Tip’s last album???? Did he hear any of KRS-One’s last releases? Furthermore why is it ok for rockers like Mick Jagger to make music and perform forever but hip-hoppers should not? Especially considering the fact that rock was founded by Black people and co-opted? So it’s ok for the white artists to take Black music and ride it till the wheels fall off largely to white audiences but Blacks who have innovated pop music in America have a shelf life? Younger rappers need guidance and help from the Old School now more than ever before. Star is obviously not 20 years old so if he were to take his own advice he wouldn’t give his opinion on hip-hop because he would realized that he’s too old to understand it now anyway. But he is the same shock jock that threatened to urinate on his rivals little girl so this comment was probably made to get attention.

2. What happened to Baatin?

3. What did Joe Jackson mean by saying that Omar Bhatti is Michael’s
son? Biological? Godson? Play son?