The Multi Media Arts Center Ushers In The Summer With Conducted Music And Educational Music Workshops

Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber, Tricky Dilemma, Kevin O’Neal & Patrice, a mixture of conducted improvised music, abstract expressionism and jazz will set the tone for the summer series at The Multi Media Arts Center in Bloomfield, New Jersey beginning in June, 2009. The MMAC will also feature an All Girls DJ Workshop as its first in a series of creative and educational workshops for the local and surrounding community.

On Friday, June 19th, 2009 starting at 7:00pm, Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber an 8-50 member improvisational “Arkestra” in the spirit of SunRa and Miles Davis and conducted by Greg Tate will celebrate the release of their new recording “Making Love To The Dark Ages” (LiveWired Music) with a screening of band leader-Greg Tate’s Sci-Fi film “Black Body Radiation”, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi film that collides ancient African religion into Star Trek that also features music created by Burnt Sugar followed by a 2-hour concert by the band at The Multi Media Arts Center in Bloomfield, New Jersey.
The band features bassist-Jared Nickerson, trumpeter-Flip Barnes, bari-saxophonist-Paula Moisturizer, violinist-Mazz Swift, guitarist-Vernon Reid, vocalist-Lisala, drummers-Swiss Chris, Trevor Holder and a cast of others.

On Saturday, June 27th, 2009, starting at 8:00pm Tricky Dilemma, the acoustic/electronica trio featuring guitarist-Marvin Sewell, turntablist-Val-Inc and Burnt Sugar alumnus-multi-instrumentalist-Bruce Mack will perform a multi-media set (including video)of abstract expressionism followed by the jazz duet Kevin O’Neal & Patrice. Kevin O’Neal is also known as the co-founder and bassist for the grammy award winning rock group The Bus Boys and brother of lead singer Brian O’Neal. Bruce Mack who is the MMAC’s acting director of educational programming is also the subject of the award winning documentary film “When Fried Eggs Fly” which will be screened on June 24th, 2009 as part of The MMAC’s film forum series followed by a 15 minute audience-interactive workshop with Bruce. The film was recently featured on the Starz Cable Network and focuses on the teaching style of Bruce and how he got 162 2nd&3rd graders, their parents and teachers together to write, record and perform a song about the environment.

Also on Saturday, June 27th, 2009 from 3:00pm-6:00pm The MMAC’s first Educational Music Workshop will be held. This workshop will be an All Girl DJ Workshop for Girls Ages 12 to 21 facilitated by Tricky Dilemma band member Val-Inc.
This workshop is to give more girls an opportunity to experience and learn some of the skills and technology required to work in this male dominated field that has a huge appeal to young women. The workshop is free but donations will be accepted.

For further information, contact Bruce Mack at 973-518-1661.