Team Facelift Are Getting Paid To Rage


The world of music is a constant evolution of sound, style, personality and at the very core a form of entertainment. Team Facelift is a product of the revolution in modern day sound. A New York-bred rap group consisting of three MCs, Machine, Fat Jew and Fonda, along with one producer, Tommy Mas, the groups aim is to pave their own unique lane in Hip Hop.

When describing their current music being created Team Facelift states, “it is a diverse sound. Of course we’re known as rappers, and it’s obvious that we are cut above pretty much any of our contemporaries when it comes to lyrics, so the people demand we come equipped with that straight up hip hop. At the same time we’re also moving in the direction of house music, and not that cheeseball glam/electro sound, but more classic New York underground house sound. It is reminiscent of what you would hear while wilding out at “The Tunnel” in the mid 90’s when house music still had elements of hip hop. That’s a look nobody is getting after these days, but we guarantee it’s going to pop. The fans can expect wet shirts, us doing it big like Ricki Lake’s thighs, arena rap, unlimited babes, exploding cars, warm gin, good hip hop music and non-stop action!”

Team Facelift have been working diligently over the past several years building an organic following. The group released a digital only album in 2006 entitled “Mixed Emotions.” In 2007, MTV handpicked Team Facelift as the first artists to debut their 52/52 music promotion campaign, which showcased the group in comedic skits and performances during MTV commercial breaks. This exposure placed Team Facelift on the radar of Red Bull North America, who teamed with the group for Red Bull’s “Banned on the Run” promotion. The program, set to be activated in the Fall of 2009, will consist of surprise performances from Team Facelift at major Colleges & Universities in the North East and Mid-Atlantic regions of the US. Adding to this, the E! Channel’s Executive-Producers for the popular show, “THE DAILY 10” have selected Team Facelift to become the New York bureau of “The Daily 10”, conducting ‘man-on-the street, public opinion, and one-on-one interviews of the NYC entertainment scene, while adding their unique brand of color and humor to the segment.

Now readying their first official national release, tentatively scheduled for the Fall of 2009, Team Facelift enlisted Producer/DJ/Remixer Junior Sanchez, who has worked with the likes of Daft Punk, Madonna, Shakira, Katy Perry and Good Charlotte, as an Executive-Producer on the project. His responsibilities will be to sonically enhance and mix each record. For Junior Sanchez, working with Team Facelift was a no brainer because “they encompass everything that I like in a band. They are witty, fun, accessible, creative and not to mention CRAZY. That adds up to a dynamic recipe for success! I can’t wait until this record is complete and to see the world react.”

Team Facelift sees no boundaries that can’t be crossed, stating, “our new album is gonna blow your brains back through your headphones and tear the roof off of clubs. It’s got a nice mix of everything. We got joints for the rap enthusiasts, and then some sweaty bangers designed for the Cancun babes who want to take their shirts off and do something they will regret…plus everything in between. You might hear our album playing at the dentist next time you go, who knows, we got something for everybody. We have been in the studio/hot tub working on what will be the ultimate party record. It will be the soundtrack to doing it big worldwide.”

It was this party mentality that first attracted Team Facelift to Buckshot, co-owner of Duck Down Records, as he proclaims, “Team Facelift are pure entertainers. I want to call them Party Professionals. They mastered the art of what make people move and their records speak to the culture of today. Their party will blow your party out of the frame because it’s what they do. They are like DJs in the sense of knowing how to control the party. You need a hot DJ, you need an MC to rhyme, you need entertainment, this is what they do.

For Team Facelift, signing into a partnership with Duck Down Records was an exciting opportunity. The group mentions, “the Team Facelift/ DuckDown collaboration will blow your mind for centuries. Joining the Duck Down roster is surreal, being that we all grew up in Manhattan and were raised on that east coast, mid 90’s sound. They are the pioneers of the whole scene, putting out straight up classic albums. It’s like the karate kids getting signed to Mr. Miyagi. It’s like taking ecstasy and going to the aquarium…it’s amazing. It is our pleasure to represent a classic hip hop label.”

Dru Ha, co-owner of Duck Down Records explains, “Team FaceLift represents a group that continues our commitment towards the growth and expansion of Duck Down Records as a diversified label. While their music is a departure from what our core fans would consider the “typical Duck Down sound”, we demonstrated last year (with Kidz in the Hall) that we can work projects outside our known zone. With that said, make no mistake about it that what attracted us to Team Facelift was their true MC skills. When I say MC skills people need to realize that a major part of that includes how an artist puts it down on a live stage show. Their recorded music exhibits originality and creativity in a space that we have yet to present as a label but their chemistry, enthusiasm, and fearless energy is apparent from watching them rock live. I got to experience it first hand last year seeing them open for RZA in Brooklyn. In front of a predominately Wu-Tang hungry crowd, these three MC’s won the crowd over and had the place partying with them. We’re excited for the possibilities that lie ahead with Team Facelift.”

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