Controversial Video Release Takes Jab at R. Kelly



Los Angeles – When Marc McWillams aka Marcus Darc formed his first group as a teenager in Chicago, R-Kelly & MGM, he knew then that he not only possessed a special talent as a performer, but he was gifted to recognize talent early on. True to his intuition, his group went on to win the $100,000 grand prize on Natalie Cole’s “Big Break” show, and R. Kelly went on to superstar fame.

Saddened, yet empowered by a friendship gone sour, Marcus Darc has finally disclosed his legacy with the R&B superstar by way of a controversial music video hitting the web via “Friendz or Foez” written by Darc and Smoovee Smoove and produced by Hurt ‘M Badd, (Tyrone “Hurt ‘M Badd” Wrice the producer of some of Tupac’s greatest hits, including “Hail Mary” and “Me and My Girlfriend” ) can best be described as an R&B diss record which documents Darc’s history with Kelly. Complete with tell-all lyrics and tales, mentions of numerous mutual friends (or foes) and vintage documented footage dating back to Kelly’s early days as part of R-Kelly & MGM, “Friendz and Foez” spills like hot coffee, burns and leaves a mark!

Just when Kelly is getting over the media drama of recent trials and accusations, Darc hits the scene to revive and revalidate gossip and rumors. More than a diss record even, “Friendz & Foez” is a scrutiny of the paths taken and the choices made on the road to fame and fortune.

Why the release of “Friendz and Foez” now? McWilliams, who has a penchant for unveiling new talent ( i.e. R. Kelly, Hurt ‘M Badd and even Jamie Foxx, (who Darc was about to replace R. Kelly with in the group MGM, before Foxx booked “In Living Color”) is releasing the CD as a segue to his label’s new compilation CD, “Lucky Entertainment, The Soundtrack, Vol. 1.0” on Lucky Entertainment. The CD which features Marcus Darc includes production by Taryll Jackson (from the famous Jackson Family clan) in addition to several new breakthrough artists, including blue-eyed R&B soul sensation, Gino Barletta who is also featured in the video.

“I’m not a bitter man,” explains Darc. “In fact, I consider myself blessed. I originally left my home of Chicago to make a mark in this business. Whether it takes me two days or 20 years, my vision is clear and right in front of me. My career has been a rollercoaster ride and I can drop names with the best of them. My label is named Lucky Entertainment for a reason!”

“This CD project is a monumental demonstration of talent from me and my artists. “Friendz and Foez” was chosen as the lead in track because, as you will see acknowledged in the video, it had to be said. Now, I can move forward, unburdened,” further reveals Darc.

“Lucky Entertainment, The Soundtrack, Vol. 1.0” features 10 select artists including Gino Barletta, Hurt ‘M Badd, female sensation Wensday, rapper/singer Joonya, producer/rapper CeeFoe and rapper/ producer TrakBoss.

Are they friendz or foez? Determine for yourself and view the single online at . “Lucky Entertainment, The Soundtrack, Vol. 1.0” can be purchased at and .