Throwback: Michael Cooper-Over And Over


Michael Cooper is the lead singer and co-founder of Con Funk Shun, one of the significant funk bands of the ’70’s. For those who know the band Cooper’s signature “Oww” is immediately evident because of the way “Love’s Train” is embedded in national funk memories. The band was very successful and spawned such seminal songs as “Ffun,” “Shake And Dance With Me” and “Chase Me” just to name a few. Cooper went solo in ’87 and the song “To Prove My Love” from his first solo album Love Is Such A Funny Game did well on the charts. “Over And Over” is from his second album Just What I Like. The tune did not make an impressive chart presence but it was recognized favorably on urban radio. By the ’90’s Con Funk Shun re-formed with Cooper and Felton Pilate at the helm with different members.In total Cooper released five solo albums and he tours regularly with the band to perform at various Old School concerts around the country.