Media Questions Of The Week

1. Why are people still calling Rick Ross “Officer Ricky” because he lied about being a correctional officer? A correctional officer does not do the work of a cop they deal with managing people that are already in the prison or processing them into the prison system. Furthermore if prisoners have been known to have marijuana, fast food, cellphones etc. how do they get it? Or how about the fact that there have been several instances of correctional officers sexually abusing inmates? Correctional officers may not arrest suspects but they are no beacons of truth, justice and doing the right thing. In fact, prisoners have complained around the country that many of the people who take this job are many times uneducated hicks who have real problems functioning and dealing with people in general. Ross being a correctional office makes him no less real even if he didn’t want to talk about it. His role as a correctional officer put him a lot closer to the “realness” than most gangsta rappers.

2. Was Iman giving Michelle Obama a backhanded compliment when she said she was “Not a great beauty but interesting looking and bright.”

3.Machine or not, how could the Washington Times make the mistake of using a picture of the Obama’s children above an article about murdered Chicago schoolchildren?