World Renown Fashion Model Turned Pop Singer, Tinu is set to Release Sophomore Album Addicted


Los Angeles, California – May 13, 2009 – Born in Brooklyn, New York Tinu (shortened for Tinuola) spent most of her formative years in Nigeria, West Africa where her parents raised their children according to strong family and cultural traditions. Tinu became deeply committed to her heritage and imbued with its vivid colors, uplifting energy, sounds and powerful rhythms that continue to influence every facet of her life and art. “I grew up to the vibrant sounds of Fela Kuti, a vibrant powerhouse of African jazz and funk fused with West African high life. Afrobeat echoed through my mother’s home in Lagos. I loved the innate honesty of his music and strive to emulate it with my own”

Tinu obtained a degree in Finance and Marketing at New York University but also pursued an international modeling career during which time she strutted the runway for some of the top fashion houses in Europe while simultaneously landing high profile advertising campaigns. A global traveler and jet setter Tinu is multilingual, fluent in two African languages and also dabbles in Arabic, Hebrew, French, Italian and Hindi. Her love of culture, aesthetics and fashion created a passion for design, which accompanied by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, led to the launch of her highly successful accessory collection. The beautifully crafted and bejeweled “Tinu Shoebag” has been worn at the Academy Awards and acquired tremendous sales success at numerous high-end boutiques and stores. Tinu’s exquisite beauty and sense of style have been noted by Essence and Vogue Magazine while Bill Cunningham regularly features her in the social pages of the New York Times. Whether sitting in the front row of Christian Dior and Chanel shows in Paris decked out in ornate stilettos or ethnic print headwraps Tinu, much like Alek Wek is well known for her multi-cultural fashion flare.

Tinu nurtures a deep love for music that provides a further outlet for her artistry. Her voice has an unabashed sensuous quality that excites, woes and seduces. Her first album Rhythm of Love was an instant success in 2003, debuting on the Billboard R&B charts and capturing the hearts of a broad and loyal fan base in the United States, Europe and Africa. Tinu’s sonic art is her own but she readily acknowledges the influence of such great musicians as Grace Jones, Sade, Fela Kuti, Nina Simone and George Michael. Tinu is preparing to release her latest project Addicted, a collage a richly woven musical tapestry that is raw in sensuality, electrifying and exuberant. It beats to a drum that is older than antiquity but newer than today, making the music a timeless collection of hits.

Addicted is an eclectic anthology of tracks, each song unique with rock, pop, funk and soul induced vibes. While many contemporary female vocalists turn to the help of ghostwriters Tinu chose to compose the lyrics on her own so listeners inherit a direct look into the singer’s laid-back sense of humor and insightful worldviews. Tinu explains that the lyrics came to her without warning allowing her to express unadulterated feelings straight from the heart. She describes the warm glow of her man on the sensual track “In Love” then flips it to the bling of a new pair of shoes which inspired “Shoeholic.” Much like Carrie Bradshaw Tinu often finds herself wandering the streets of SOHO and Tribeca picking up the latest pair of Manolo Blahniks, Christian Louboutin, Guiseppe Zanotti, and in Europe Gianmarco Lorenzi. Although for the most part Tinu remains laid back, listeners get a glimpse into a slightly more hostile side on the track “Not the Devil,” a song that urges others not to judge, written after a fraught conversation with a close family member while the eccentric single “Wild Things” encourages fans to enjoy life without drug use. The dazzling 12 track composition is a perfect balance of genuine, intoxicatingly erotic slow burners and feel-good vocal confections that are full of life.

Having made trips around the world to spectacular places like the Islands of Fiji and Zurich, Switzerland, Tinu has also visited Morrocco, Turkey, Thailand, Africa, Cambodia and India where she has become very conscious of global suffering. Inspired by Barack Obama’s new presidency, Tinu celebrated her feeling of American freedom in “My Beloved Country,” a powerful and poignant patriotic piece of music that speaks a universal language. Tinu provides her listeners with catchy grooves, effortlessly manifesting an eclectic vibe that will transport her fans. She possesses invigorating vocals with thought-induced messages that silhouette charismatic, rhythmically charged production, blazing a trail for her brand of melodic funk. She fluently takes her listeners on a journey of finger snapping and head gyrating wondrous grooves laced with an electric blend of instruments that ride each beat with finesse.