Skratch DJ Legend Qbert Launches First Video Based Online DJ School Today


San Francisco, CA, May 9, 2009 –

Imagine if we had a chance, as aspiring MCs, to meet face to face, learn one on one, with the likes of Eric B and Rakim or Jay Z. To be able to ask them how they execute their lyrics flawlessly and where they get their inspiration for such sophisticated metaphors. To immediately converse with them and cut the lag time of learning a specific skill exponentially.

Today DJ Qbert presides over the groundbreaking online DJ school, Qbert Skratch University, which uses the most advanced technology available for learning on the fly and on your own home computer. Simple Internet video technology has instantly allowed aspiring DJs and producers to participate in Qbert’s comprehensive video curriculum, call and response skratch sessions, and to interact with other students worldwide via forums, chat, and the Student Center. The QSkratchU is now the most comprehensive and influential Skratch education program available to DJs today and clearly maintains DJ Qbert’s 20 year, leading edge prominence in the field of skratching, DJ competitions and musical skratch advancement. He stands as one of the World’s best DJs and he is now leaving his legacy through the Qbert Skratch University.

Qbert Skratch University
Enrollment is limited and is $60 for 3 months.

How it works: Thoroughly explained by DJ Qbert himself are the basics of setting up your gear to the advanced “battle tactics” that made him a DMC Champion for 3 years straight. As well, for the digital enthusiast, Scratch Live and Traktor, the leading digital DJ programs are also taught in the curriculum. QSkratchU members use ArtistWork’s proprietary VMS (Video/Media Management System) to send DJ Qbert a video of their practice session that he reviews and then posts a response video on the site. The Student Video and Qbert’s response are uniquely paired on QSkratchU as “Master Classes” for the entire community to learn from. Qbert invites multiple Guest DJs and related professionals to share their insights and techniques with the student body. Most recently, filming has also begun of “Secrets of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz”. For the first time in over 10+ years since their retirement, the members of the ISP have come together ONLY through the QSU. Their knowledge and insight into the DJ experience will be a special feature and they will be diving into beat juggling, turntable drumming, tones, team routines, trick mixing, musical selection, and the path to a successful dj career.
DJ Qbert and ArtistWork’s collaboration firmly reaches beyond the technology to unify the field of Skratch DJs to one central place, the

“It’s cool that Skratching has so many fans around the world and we can all be in one place now and learn from each other no matter where we live.” – DJ Qbert

“What I enjoy most is the ability to download Qbert’s practice beats in the “BEATS” section instantaneously to train with on my own time. Kutting it up for hours upon hours of never ending practice time. The exclusive music that you’ll be able to download and to train to is worth the enrollment at the school on its own! ” – Yogafrog

About DJ Qbert

Lauded as a groundbreaking and revolutionary skratch DJ, Qbert’s career has been distinguished by trail blazing a path to push skratching into the 21st century. He continues to travel the globe taking skratching to the next frontier and has gained great respect both for his spectacular skills (including numerous scratch innovations) as well as educating the next generation of DJs. Qbert, along with Yogafrog co-founded the famed ThudRumble, Ltd. Please visit and

About ArtistWorks

ArtistWorks, Inc is a Napa, California company that develops Internet-based businesses in partnership with leading musicians, virtuosos and other world-renown experts. The ArtistWorks’ platform is artist-centric and student friendly. Utilizing ArtistWorks’ unique proprietary video technology, students submit their own videos for evaluation, and are provided written and video responses directly from the Artist. The social networking community provides a lasting legacy of teaching for the artists and a worldwide gathering place for like-minded students.
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