The New Music Seminar Returns To New York July 21st


From the cofounder and director of the original legendary New Music Seminar comes a seminar for the next music business, targeted at disenfranchised artists disheartened by the state of the industry and desperate for change.

“I have been asked many times over the last 15 years to bring back the New Music Seminar,” said Silverman, “but it wasn’t until the end of 2008 that I could finally see the new business begin to emerge. The trends are clear now and the future can finally be foretold. ”

The music business has changed beyond recognition. The old record industry is over. For record companies, it’s a bleak picture. But it puts thousands of artists in the strongest position they ever been in tocreate their own success.

On July 21, at New York University’s Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, the reincarnated New Music Seminar will announce the dawn of a new music business, offering practical, straightforward, cutting edge solutions for artists trying to make it in these challenging times. NMS promises to give artists the knowledge and tools to step into tomorrow’s music business today. The conference will kick off with a keynote speaker, followed by four educational sessions on how to combine new and old methods with technology for career success. NMS will be presented in association with the Music Business Program at NYU Steinhardt.

“I take part in music industry conferences and speak on panels nearly every month,” said Silverman. “I hear the frustration of artists desperate for information that can make a difference in their career. Instead they hear how Beyonce got a sponsorship deal, how Flo Rida got to number one in radio airplay, or how ISPs need to stop illegal file sharing.”

The New Music Seminar is different. It is not a debate about DRM, how to get signed or the politics of the music business. It is about seeing your music business opportunities in new ways, learning to create the music and master the tools you need to put your career into overdrive.

Catherine Moore, Director of the Music Business Graduate Program at NYU’s Steinhardt School said: “The purpose and the philosophy of the NMS is a perfect fit for the music business program. We are honored to be part of the launch. I know the delegates will gain valuable information and insight that will allow them build a successful career in the changing music business landscape.”

Delegates will also receive the NMS Guide Book, an invaluable guide filled with vital information, including forms, contacts and discount offers worth well over $150.

Tickets are extremely limited and are only $99 in advance. They can be purchased online at

Tom Silverman, one of the original New Music Seminar founders and codirectors and founder of Tommy Boy, has set up the new seminar with former fellow NMS colleague Dave Lory. Lory has 10 years’ touring experience and 20 years managing legendary artists like Jeff Buckley.

Mark Josephson, fellow cofounder & Executive Director of the original New Music Seminar, said: “I am happy that the New Music Seminar is back under the direction of co-founder Tom Silverman, and Dave Lory, who helped run the original.”

“The new design is responsive and designed to meet the needs of a new generation of young musicians and artists working on the progressive edge. This is true to the spirit of the original that began and always remained a futurist meeting and a portal for those with new music, ideas, and goals. I am completely onboard and hope to meet you there.”

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New Music Seminar
On a hot 1980 summer day, 220 people met at a New York City rehearsal studio to discuss and debate the problems in the music business. It heralded the birth of the legendary New Music Seminar, bringing new ideas, new talent and new connections to the industry, along with the introduction of hip hop, new wave, house and many other new forms of music. During its 15-year run, the first NMS became the world’s biggest and most influential music business gathering attracting over 8,000 people from 35 countries. The seminar has since spawned almost every important music event worldwide, including SXSW, Winter Music Conference, In the City, and Canadian Music Week

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