The Business Of Being A DJ And Making Money Doing What You Love


On Saturday, April 25 from 11 AM to 1 PM, Wendy Day and Kim Ellis from IN THE KNOW SEMINARS are coordinating the panel for the 10th Core DJ Retreat in Atlanta. Since DJs are the most influential part of our culture (yet often the last to be paid, and the first to be cut from a budget), doing a panel for DJs is near and dear to our hearts.

This panel will focus on the business side of being a DJ. We’ll cover:
+how to properly set up and structure a business
+how to make money as a DJ
+the importance of health insurance and savings programs
+how to find sponsors and endorsement deals
+what comes next after DJing?
+how does a DJ transition to other areas to receive additional income streams?

The panelists include:
• Jeff Dixon, Manager, DTP Entertainment/Ebony Son Management
• DJ Bigga Rankin, RNR Mixed CDs
• TJ Chapman, CEO, TJsDJs/Co-Manager, B.O.B.
• Wendy Day, Founder, Rap Coalition/CEO, PowerMoves (indie label consultant)
• Steve Moore, Accountant, MDA Professional Group
• Paul Anthony, Full Force MDs, songwriter and producer
• Bowl Legged Lou, Full Force MDs, songwriter and producer

The panel will be on Saturday, April 25 from 11 AM to 1 PM as part of the Core DJ Retreat. The W Hotel Downtown Atlanta is at 45 Ivan Allen Jr Blvd in the 4th Floor Ballroom. For more information, please see or

Coming Next…… In The Know Seminars

Where: ON THE INTERNET AT (you don’t even have to leave your house–you just need a computer with an internet connection, and to register for the event before May 16th). Prices as low as $29.99!

Building A Career in Music — Saturday, 05/16/09 (2 to 4pm; Eastern Standard Time)
We will ask artists at all different levels in their career, how they got to their current level of success and what they attribute it to. We’ll talk about starting out in the music industry, building relationships, what qualities to look for in a team, mistakes to avoid, patience and when/if it may be time to consider a different line of work.

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For more information: or
For sponsorship opportunities: Kim Ellis at 404.434.0295
To annoy the hell out of Wendy Day: 404.474.1999 or