Media Questions Of The Week


1. What is really going on with the Somalian pirates? If no one will stop the dumping of nuclear waste and the raping of their fish supply what do they expect people to do? Pray?

2. Why are Americans staging tea parties to protest government spending under President Obama but they didn’t protest:

4$ a gallon gas
Lack of health care and Bush destroying the law to pay for kids’ healthcare and those who made too much for Medicaid but not enough for healthcare. Obama passed this bill after Bush vetoed it twice.
The non- capture of Osama Bin Laden the sole person responsible for 9/11 according to the United States government. Condolezza Rice said they could not have known anything in advance because the last information they received was “old.”
The poor treatment of the families of the survivors of 9/11 and the survivors themselves.
The destruction of the middle class.
All the problems with Hurricane Katrina.
The misinformed war in Iraq that is so bad Bush took advantage of the ban his father put in place to forbid the media from photographing the caskets of fallen soldiers. Obama reversed this ban and let the families decide if they want their loved ones’ casket photographed.
The erosion of civil liberties.
And why did Fox News give so much coverage to these “tea parties” but did not cover the protests against Bush in the same manner?