Radio Personality Brad Sanders Tributes Women’s History Month With Sixth Annual “Be Good To Woman Day”



Los Angeles, CA -With domestic violence in the forefront of the media these days, Brad Sander’s annual event, “Be Good To Women Day” takes on even more significance this year. As radio personality and host of the nationally syndicated radio series, “On the Phone with Ti-Rone” Sanders has personally impacted the lives of millions of listeners with his urban take on common sense advice. After twenty years of responding to thousands of letters, phone calls and emails from mistreated and abused women, he was compelled to make “Be Good To Women Day” a personal mission.

Thursday, March 24, 2009 will mark the sixth annual “Be Good To Women Day” Prayer Vigil. The day is one set aside to instill among men, the effort and energy to honor, nurture and love the women in their lives. Perhaps one of the most powerful events planned during the month of March, Women’s History Month, the prayer vigil will take place at 7:00 pm. at Bryant Temple AME Church, located at 2525 West Vernon Avenue in Los Angeles, CA.

In addition to the vigil, a panel discussion exploring “Why incarcerated men should be tested for HIV/AIDS before re-entering the community upon release from prison” will be held on Saturday, March 21 at 10:00 am. also at Bryant Temple AME Church. The panel discussion is sponsored by the National Action Network and Act Against AIDS Initiative.

“The current situation involving two of our brightest young stars is indicative of a crisis that is effecting us at large. Women are the foundation of the family unit. It is important for us as men to never forget that. When we degrade our women, we are degrading ourselves. It has always been my intention to be a constant reminder to my fellow man that we are nothing without our women. We need to be good to women, every day, and hopefully “Be Good To Women Day” will inspire that continual action,” states Sanders.

To get involved and for more information, call Babysitters Productions at 323-731-1793 or the Bryant Temple AME Church at 323-293-6201, ext. 201.