13 Year Old Nia Conley Presents JUVIEZ, an Urban Animation Series for Youth



Los Angeles, CA – Video distributor Will Conley remembers the day like it was yesterday. It all started when six years ago he found himself in a helpless situation. He had promised to surprise his then, 8 year old daughter Nia with a new home video for her collection. Returning home empty handed because he could not find anything appropriate on the market, Will dreaded giving his young daughter the disappointing news.

Upon hearing it however, the young Nia asked her father if she could just make her own video, something for her and her friends to watch. That was in 2003. On March 17, 2009, young Nia’s vision will be realized when JUVIEZ hits the market at major retailers around the country, including Blockbuster, Netflix, Walmart, Target and Best Buy !
Nia Conley JUVIEZ is the original brainchild of Nia Conley, now 13, in conjunction with her father, Will Conley, CEO of CONKidz and Visionary Entertainment, a home video distribution company targeting the urban market. JUVIEZ is an upbeat, 3D-animated series about a group of gifted, urban kids growing up in the inner city.

Daily life lessons are revealed to Ray, the main character, an eight year old artistic prodigy, his little brother Manny, and his friends and classmates from his gifted class, including Junie, Alexia, JoJo and Meka. All the characters are between six and eight years old, African American or Hispanic, and gifted artistically or intellectually.

“It’s amazing the brilliance behind our young minds today” expresses Conley. “JUVIEZ is truly Nia’s creation. The humor, insight and creativity of the characters all originate from her! JUVIEZ is especially refreshing in that we are able to reveal the strength and beauty of our children, no matter where they may live, or what neighborhood they are from.”

Fearlessly enjoying the adventures of day to day living and learning in their community, JUVIEZ is indeed a world by kids and for kids. Everything is through their eyes, with adults seen only when necessary. Topics range from social issues to personal introspection.

The soundtrack, an uplifting infusion of hip hop, contemporary jazz and R&B music scoring is also written and produced by an all – youth cast of talented musicians ranging in ages from 9 to 16! They are Tommie Williams, 13; Lil’ Niqo, 9; Qyeendom, 12; Tati Hilton, 12; Bre Roca, 16; and Mac Flossy, 14.

“I remember when the Rugrats used to be my favorite cartoon,” recalls Nia. “But now I’m happy to have my very own JUVIEZ with characters who look like and remind me of all my friends. And even better than that is the fact that I was also able to work with a group of my friends to bring my vision to light. I want young people to not only love the JUVIEZ, but to be able to show them the true meaning of ‘Yes, I can!’ I started this project with my dad when I was just eight years old. It was a lot of work, but we never gave up!”

In addition to the release of a JUVIEZ soundtrack, back packs, coloring books and an entire promotional line is in the works. ConKidz has entered in a co-production deal for additional episodes with Zensoft Studios in Calgary, Alberto Canada, and the agency plans to give away 1000 laptops in a special advertising campaign.

JUVIEZ is available online at Amazon.com and will be distributed nationally by Channel Sources. For additional information, go to http://www.Conkidz.com and get acquainted with the JUVIEZ crew now !