Bill Cosby Has A Point


Although Bill Cosby has been exposed as a hypocrite in the past regarding his family life for once he has a point. Cosby’s ideas about Black Americans getting their lives together are honest and sincere. What most people don’t know is that back in the day Cosby fought racist white men in the entertainment industry because of their ideas. I was told by someone that he literally punched out some TV producers for their racist perspectives on the set. But Cornel West said it best when he said that Cosby’s heart is in the right place even if his language is misinformed. Cosby has given lots of money to Black colleges and the UNCF. I know it’s hard for a rich Black man in America to always understand the people but he means well. It’s really difficult and short-sighted to trash all poor Black people without critiquing the system too. Mr. Cosby should know that poverty is a direct result of the inequalities that capitalism breeds as well as the drop in responsibility from those Blacks who make it out of the hood or never had to live there in the first place. But the purpose of this post is point out these disgusting “remixes” of his legendary Fat Albert comic series. The point of the show was to let people know that kids in the ghetto are regular people like anyone else who learn positive life lessons. There was no show on TV at that time to reflect the lives of urban kids. The notion of ghetto gets stereotyped into some colonized corporate rap aesthetic with everyone talking about “bitches” and “niggas.” This is when Cosby’s speeches make sense when someone takes something positive in the media about Black life and bastardizes it with the worst of images. These remixed cartoons are shameful and for the sake of all the Kum By Yah Obama – feelings in this country right now totally uncalled for. There are better ways to promote hot new music from Slum Village. And no, saying that we should not take things so seriously does not negate the cooonery.